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  1. New member from West Michigan

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    Welcome to THE Yellow Slingshot Club - the fastest color around. I am from the Standale area and bring my SSR back every so often when I visit. I'll keep my eyes open for you - I would like to see that SSR pulling that 5th wheel. Enjoy Tom
  2. Spotted

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    If that were the case, I would be here 24/7.
  3. Spotted

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    Hey, I am around here - just not very often.
  4. Driver seat 'stuck' in full forward

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Thanks! I should have thought about asking Mike - I have bought from him before, GREAT to deal with. I will pass on the info to the shop. They got the seat out and were testing it. They were looking for a replacement part, but the guy I talked to wasn't sure exactly which one. When this all...
  5. Driver seat 'stuck' in full forward

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Friday night update. Well, they took the seat out. That was difficult seeing it was so far forward and "impossible" to reach the inside front bolt. They are thinking it is the seat circuit board and are searching for a replacement. They are having problems sourcing it. So, if anybody knows...
  6. Driver seat 'stuck' in full forward

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Thanks, but none of the buttons have any effect, other than beeping or adjusting the tilt. I have memory setting 1 as my driving position ( the position it moves to when I turn on the ignition at start-up ) and have the 2 button for full back - which I tap when I am exiting the SSR. As I said...
  7. Driver seat 'stuck' in full forward

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Thanks, I passed on the suggestion and will let you know how it worked.
  8. Driver seat 'stuck' in full forward

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Looking for help. Took my SSR (2005) into the shop for a minor fender-bender repair. That got repaired. But, when I went to leave, at some point, somebody had moved the seat as far forward as it would go. It will not move back using the horizontal control. The tilt motors are working. The shop...
  9. Cluster gear indicator not lighting

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Yes, it is an automatic. I'm pretty sure they got the right year, there was an '04 in and they knew it's cluster was different. I'll double check the replacement cluster Tuesday. Thanks, R-R
  10. Cluster gear indicator not lighting

    SSR Technical Discussion
    I had my original 2005 dash cluster replaced ( temperature stepper motor failed ). The replacement cluster appeared to be fine, until I realized the speedometer was 10 mph slow - and the gear indicator was not lighting up. That cluster was replaced, everything seems fine, but the gear...
  11. Yellow 04 $14,000

    SSR General Discussion
    Well, I drive mine ( just like this ) every day and have 42k on it - it only had 10k on it when I got it. This one with 126,342 mile, looks great. If an inspection and test drive showed that it was mechanically sound, to me $15 sounds fine. If I could drive two at the same time, I would be on my...
  12. Tonneau cover barely opens

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Welcome! I just replaced the deck struts on the SSR that I bought last month. A very easy fix. Works like new, now. Tom
  13. Not That I Plan to Sell, but Wondering...

    SSR General Discussion
    Yes It would to me, if I was looking. I would count that as a big plus. Maintenance & Upgrade logs are a plus, too. I am not a collector looking for a mint car, never touched by human hands, exposed to asphalt, bugs, or weather. No doubt, if they saw an accident on a CarFax, they would just...
  14. Speedo repair LEDs

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Nice. What is your estimate on how long it would take to just "upgrade" the LEDs? Tom
  15. Colored lights under rearview mirror

    SSR General Discussion
    If you are referring to the Map Lights, they are covered in Section 3 of your manual. Good info above on how to configure them. Here is what the Manual says: "Map Lamps If your vehicle has front map lamps, they are located on the inside rearview mirror. They will automatically come on for...