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  • old guy ·
    Just installed the Simple Engineering frame stiffing plate on my 03, went on fairly easy except for front 2 bolts going into the brass support bar. It was a feat to get the holes and bolts in by myself. Took about 45 min. Not a lot of room for fingers and a bit of a job to balance and keep bar raised to get bolts in. Need one guy to hold bar in place while 2nd guy starts bolt. I had to get creative with screwdriver and a small box to align the first hole but then 2nd was a breeze. Anyway all in all it was $350 of fun and it really seems to work great. Reduced most all the road tremors.
    old guy ·
    Just got my Simple Engineering stiffing plate for my precious 03, I'm already confused I think so I'm going to read instructions for a week to see how good I can learn at an old age. Heard so many raves about this product that I can't wait to experience the results. I'll let you know the outcome. Thanks all for the insight to the plate.
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