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  1. NorCal Mini Tech

    Tech Session Overview Thanks totally to JimBob the Tech Session was great time to make some modifications, share information & just have fun. Auto critics keep down playing the SSR but fanatics love their vehicle and any reason to get together always is fun. :banana Thanks!
  2. NorCal group at Apple Hill

    Apple Hill run was the best thanks to all SSR owners in Northern CA coming together. At brunch/lunch there were 15-SSR's a new record. It's always enjoyable to meet new people, see new cars, etc. :00000732:Jim mentioned above how High Hill Ranch really treats our run very special by allowing us...
  3. Toyo Proxes S/T ???

    SSR Technical Discussion
    My 2005 has original Goodyear tires & only 27,000 miles but they're showing their age so need to replace. Discovered Goodyear still makes original tires but as most owners know both front & back tires have problems. My local Les Schwab dealer says Toyo now makes replacements designed to overcome...
  4. Just Got my SSR This week and I am in love

    SSR General Discussion
    Welcome Sure you wil enjoy your 2005 ride. I sure enjoy my ride but even more when going on various runs organized by NorCal SSR group. You already see there many SSR owners all over USA, Canada, etc. Where are you located?:black:
  5. June Norcal 49'r Run

    Kelly - Linda & I enjoyed meeting you today. Sorry we weren't able to complete the entire run but it was worth seeing the gang & meeting new SSR owners including you. See you in the future! JimBob - Thanks for posting the event on SSR Forum.
  6. SSR Club in Central California?

    SSR Run Raised outside of Bakersfield near Arvin on a family farm. Now retired to Sierra's in Foresthill (12 miles from Auburn). We have a Northern CA group but about twice a year come to Bakersfield. Would be great to meet with other SSR owners in area. Please keep me informed of any runs...
  7. Weekend Live "THE GOBBLE EDITION"

    General Off Topic
    Thanks! Too many forget that Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, praise God and spend time with family, friends and those less fortunate. Pray (contrary to our President) this time finds your family, friends, etc, well and thankful to live in America. God Bless America and especially those...
  8. FEELING GOOD After heart surgery

    General Off Topic
    God is Good JimBob - Had heard you were doing well. God is good and obviously those of us who have been lucky enough to spend time with you are happy with the good news. Hopefully you can join Northern SSR group on a run. If you can do a short run just let me know. Be happy to drive over...
  9. My Cup Holder Solution

    Customization and Modifications
    Cup alternative Replace coin holder with cup holder like passenger side has on dash. I have original cup holders for tunnel but didn't like location, limited space, etc. So ordered another dash cup holder, took out coin holder, & had it replaced with new dash cup holder. Works great!:)
  10. NorCal : Maxwell FREE Car Show

    Wanted to attend but son decided to proposed:blush-anim-cl: which obviously changed plans. Any photos?:black:
  11. NorCal: Fair Play Wineries / Pot Luck Picnic

    This was a great run with great weather. Not so today as those of us living in the Sierra Foothills are enjoying rain & hail. Had eleven SSR's joining the run. Hope someone posts photos.
  12. Chevy Mi-Ray Roadster

    SSRFanatic News
    Sure like the look but appears to be at least as small as Solist. If so, only short (very short) small people can fit. Probably designed so one weighing 200lbs doesn't use all electricity. Hard too beat our SSR's.:smash
  13. Personalized License Plates REGISTER

    SSR General Discussion
    Posted my CA plate DRM ROD before!
  14. NorCal Apple Hill Run Today

    Next year the NorCal SSR Group would like to see other SSR owners to attend this event. It easily could be extended for those who need to drive to area for doing AppleHIll Run following day.
  15. NorCal Apple Hill Run Today

    Thanks for posting photos of SSR's @ one of the favorite stops in Apple Hill. Orignally 11-SSR's meet in Placerville for breakfast/lunch then on to this 1st stop. One SSR had to return home so isn't shown in photos (owner recently has a knee replacement). Great time had by all and next year it...