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  • GEO8 ·
    Did you ever go to removing the muffler and go to a straight pipe?

    Wanna get it done, most comments were from those with the 2005-06 and higher HP SSR

    I have a stock 5.3 too
    rogerdoger · ·
    No never did...even sold the fancy 2 in 2 out muffler
    epix ·
    Was trying send a PM but not allowing me (new user).

    Do you still have the battery box you'd be willing to let go? If so please message back.

    Thanks :)
    Achias ·
    Hi Roger!

    You may have seen that Ilsa had an engine rebuild recently. She has around 50 more hp and is strong enough to handle track work now (and maybe a little nitrous later). Two questions: 1. Are you interested in any of the leftover parts? I have the crank, heads, torque converter, and fuel pumps sitting around taking up space. I'm keeping the pistons and cam just to look at (maybe a lamp made out of the cam). 2. Would you like one of the pistons are a desk ornament or paperweight? I've cleaned them up, and I put a couple coats of clear lacquer on the ones that I'm keeping (a good one and the one the we burned at the track). If you're interested, I can either mail it (shouldn't cost too much), or just hang on to it until the next time we meet. What do you think?
    flynSS/R ·
    not suer how this buddy list thing works, but I accepted your request and i hope it has gone through OK. Terry
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