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  • MoodyBlue ·
    I am way behind the times. I had no idea. I am very sorry for your loss. Your Dad was a great friend to us all.
    KevinBags ·
    Hello All,
    My father Mark, best known here as RSSRTOY, has passed away. He lost his fight with cancer on July 25, 2014.

    Thank you all for loving my dad and being his friends! I know he enjoyed talking and helping each and every one of you.

    Thank You,

    smithrb ·
    Mark, any chance you can point me in the right direction to get new wiper arms for an 04? I hear that the 06 arms are better, but not sure they're plug and play (and where I might get them)?

    Thanks, Brad...
    Ga Wizzard ·
    Hey Mark. Thanks for the reply. I am new to the site and have just received my 2004 ssr. You and wife are greatly recommended by other members for honesty and integrity. I will be needing to order some parts, and if you would like to call me at 770 666 4577 that would be fine. Thank you so much. Todd Maddox
    Ga Wizzard ·
    I would like to kmow if you can still get these parts. Just bought my first SSR and after talking to Litemeup and Dicktator they said to change the cross member to the trail blazer 4 bolt and the radiator suppoort bar and also change the shift cable linkage. Isee her that you are able to get some of these items. So here issome of the stuff i need to check on. PART NO; 15076943//11519894//15138062//19202144//15113377//ssrmats//ssrhat Just let me know what is possible and will go from there. Thank you very much..
    ryan40601 ·
    Hi mark ,I have gotten a few parts from you in the past ,hope all is well.
    Im picked up an 02 camaro limited edition ss conv. With low mileage,
    I'm trying to trace back any owner history to the original owner.
    Curious if I can get any info from you with the vin #2g1fp32gx22145722.
    I'd like to see also if any service records are available .
    Original dealer is Youmans Macon Georgia 08-720 if this helps.
    They don't want to be bothered helping me out. All I'm trying to do is document the car as best I can ,because it. Came with no paperwork at all!
    Thanks in advance my email is [email protected] . Caps not required.
    Thank you in advance
    Bob Dawson
    davek ·
    RSSRTOY, I have a 2003 SSR and tried to replace the wiper blades, and ended up breaking those two little plastic clips on the washer that attaches to the blade arm. Black electrical tape is the temporary solution.

    Where could I get the 2006 model version where the washer is attached to the arm?

    Then if not that, where could I get a new clip on washer?

    Thanks, Dave in Chico, CA.

    little clips that hold the washer on the blade.

    S6XN9NE ·
    My drivers side door handle broke this morning and will not open door. Is the correct replacement part number;15841788, and do you have one in stock?
    Thanks, Steve
    Joe Schuhriemen ·
    Hey Mark,

    I haven't been on the site for a while. I need a #1 transmtter/remote for my 2005 SSR. I understand the part # is 11-15184352. Let me know how we can take care of it. Thanks, Joe
    PapaWalker ·
    Is original cover just for basic protection? I ask the question as understand cover isn't waterproof, so what's it's purpose? Thanks
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