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  • donnys05ssr ·
    HI MARK. Is the rear window avialable for my 05 SSR. Also would need the rubber to go around It. The paint guy buffed Into the glass and the marks will not come out.Hard to believe the guy would do that. I ill give you a call tomorrow Feburary 20th. Thanks Don, Orting Washington
    I would have o order them as i dont stock them any more. If you would like me to order send me a message or call me at 209 575-1606 thanks.......mark
    shawn49085 ·
    HI Mark, I am looking for the following parts for my 04 SSR, was hoping you could help

    15828973 - wiper arm
    15828974 - wiper arm
    15132796 - Insulator

    Thank you

    Fine just had my chemo yesterday. My number are going down like ther soposed to. My wife is doing great her tumors are shrinking like there soposed to. So it looks like we are heading on the right direction.
    KEVinTN ·
    Mark, I'm looking for the following parts:
    20-15128497, roof tool
    10-15113377, net & bar kit
    8-10377540, console & keys
    Is 11-151843352 or 3, the transmitter the key fob?
    If so I would like that also. I just joined the SSR Fanatic site so I don't think I have enough posts for my pm to work. My email is [email protected]
    Thanks, Kevin
    GERRY1940 ·
    I would like to order a brace #15076943-Qty (1) and (4) bolts # 11519894 if you have any.How do I go about ordering from you?
    Gerry ·
    I am the orginal owner of a 2003 SSR. The squirter on the drivers side broke off and the wife moved the passenger seat forward and broke off the cup holder from the console on the passengers side. Can you supply me or tell me were to get the parts necessaary to repair the above items. I went to the Chevy dealer for the wiper and it didn't look anything like the original part.
    Badbob1 ·
    Hi, I'll take one of the windshield screens if you have any left. Also are you the fellow that can supply GM factory parts for the SSRs? Let me know what I owe you and how I can contact you for some other parts needs. Thanks, Bob
    Atris316 ·
    Hey RSSRTOY im looking in for part #15214403 the hood emblem wanted to know if you have it and if there is a shipping cost? thx
    65kaiser ·
    Hi Mark. I would like to purchase the RED R for the tailgate part # 25-15137471 @ $52.50 Please let me know how to make payment to complete the purchase. Thanks Steve. i also need a pair of headlights.
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