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  • lou7777777 ·
    Looks like you are the expert on parts.....can you help me?
    I'd like to buy the crossmember (Trailblazer) and bolts to install.
    I live in Honolulu so I realize shipping will have a cost. Please quote me or tell me where to go to purchase. 2004 Redline

    Lou Faulkner
    agcat ·
    I am new to the site. Need a lot of stuff
    15113377 Net & Bar Kit
    15286237 Bed Carpet Complete
    15145320 Tailgate Carpet
    20476185 Retainers-2
    15752337 SSR Crossmember
    11519925 Bolts for Crossmember-2
    15138062 Cup Holder
    15283012 Upper Deck Carpet w Light
    15780143 Harness for Light
    11610086 Retainers-18

    cell phone 785-741-0017 [email protected]
    I know it's a lot of things but need some help.
    hpjunky ·
    hi rss..another new you have 04 wiper blades, running boards; satin door sills. chrome door handles?? not sure what you might have thanks..can call me at 951 738 9695 so, cal
    DeWyaneSSR ·
    Need 15-15167721.....SATIN HOOD ORNAMENT LIST $152.37 SELL $111.92 (14) SOLD 1 LEFT. Do you still have this item available?
    Tyrelsyellowssr ·
    I am a new fanatic and had a quick question. When I recently bought my 2004 SSR it came with after market wipers and the wiper fluid dispensers that were originally attached to the wipers were taken off and only the rubber hoses were left dangling. I am curious as to if I need to buy a full wiper arm replacement for both sides or if I can just buy a wiper blade replacement for each side? Also I am interested in the vertical cup holder for the side of the console.
    Billage ·
    I'm interested in a last run badge for SSR if you have one let me know.
    Thanks In Advance
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