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  1. Hitch and other items for sale

    SSR Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I just sold my 04 SSR and am offering these items to the incredibly smart, talented and over all above average members on this forum before I list them on e-bay............... 1) Trailer Hitch; perfect condition only used once when I towed my motorcycle to Sturgis.It has a 2" ball plus two...
  2. SSR Parts Exchange

    SSR Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I just sold my 2004 SSR and kept the trailer hitch. It has the ball attached, the keys and was only used once to trailer my motorcycle to Sturgis..... $300.00 plus shipping and it is yours.......
  3. SSR Parts Exchange

    SSR Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Had my inside drivers side door handle break yesterday, can anyone steer me to the best place to buy a replacement which I believe is part #15841788 (am I right).........Thanks
  4. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

    General Off Topic
    I arrived Thursday around 2:30pm, unloaded my bike and have been riding like crazy. I sure did get crummy gas mileage towing my bike behind my SSR, about 15mpg. Of course shooting across South Dakota on I-90 at 80mph didn't help! I am heading back to Chicago early Tuesdy morning but will try...
  5. Who rides two wheelers???

    General Off Topic
    I have a customized Kawasaki Vulcan 750 and a customized 2001 Sportster. I'm trailering the Sportster up to Sturgis later this week...........
  6. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

    General Off Topic
    I'll be there as well, arriving Aug 4th and leaving Aug 9th. I gave up on the camping 4 years ago when I realised at my age I truly enjoyed a proper place to poop! Anyway, I will be at the Ramada in Rapid City so perhaps we should all try and meet up for ride through the Hills.........
  7. Sturgis?

    Mountain - Prairie
    I know there are more than a few of us that are bikers as well as being "Fanatics". Anyone heading up to Sturgis this week or next week and in particular towing their bike behind their SSR? I will be up there Aug 4th to to Aug 9th and just don't have time to ride the bike up and back so will be...
  8. Removing the Trailer Hitch

    SSR Technical Discussion
    I just bought a new hitch about a month ago and I had to pry the tension lever in the back with a screwdriver to get it to release the first try. It just needed a shot of WD-40 to lubricate the lever............
  9. Motorcycles and SSR's

    General Off Topic
    I would like to add that it is a great feeling when tooling down the road on either, having little kids in the car next to you look out the window in awe...............
  10. OK I am a HUGE FAN

    General Off Topic
    Great interview with her done by Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes before the Grammy's Sunday night. She considers herself a performance artist which helped me to understand her more. I do have to say that song is very close to Madonna's "Express Yourself".....If George Harrison could get sued and...
  11. Buying 2004 SSR automatic

    SSR General Discussion
    Another '04 owner here (since October). I traded in a Vette on it and love being able to buy regular gas again. Being a baby boomer I now say it's more important how you look in it than how fast you go in it and hey, like I tell my motorcycling buddies that feel the need to bore out their...
  12. Water pump woes

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Mine went out on my 2004 in December. I was right in front of a Chevrolet Dealer when it went so I pulled in there. The water pump was $159.00, the labor was almost $500.00! I did have all the belts replaced as well but come on. I was only able to get $280.00 of the cost back from my extended...
  13. OUCH . . . GAS PRICES . . . What Did You Pay Last?

    General Off Topic
    $3.49 to $3.89 for regular in Chicago. $3.39 in the surrounding suburbs and $3.09 over the border in Northwest Indiana...........Some station owners, and yes, it is the station owners this time are trying to take advantage of the unrest in Egypt, thus the wide spread inside Chicago city limits...
  14. Movie Review: True Grit

    General Off Topic
    I saw it and I liked it. The Duke original was on AMC a couple of weeks ago so I could watch and compare and I will say this, Jeff Bridges played a great, gritty to the bone Rooster Cogburn sans the Duke hairpiece and a girdle (I'm a big Jeff Bridges fan), and in my opinion Glen Campbell stunk...
  15. New Chicago member

    Great Lakes
    That would have been me, I have a house in South Holland.........Good to hear from a local..........