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  • Kruser ·
    Frame stiffdener made a noticeable difference ... my front frame was drilled for the bolts but I used a right angle drill and a step bit and enlarged them to make it easier. Then I tok the bolts OUT of the backer bar, slif=de it in from the drivers side, started both of the bolts again until about 3/4" protruded.. set it in place and used a small clamp at each end to hold it there. Hung the stiffener plate over the from bolts and started the rest of the 6 from underneath. Finished running the two front bolts through and put on the nuts and tightened everything to specs, re-checked it the next day after driving.

    Did it on ramps in my driveway and took about 45 minutes
    Kruser ·
    i will be postin it. we do lot of driving with the top down and am really interested in seeing if it will reduce the windshield shake. i have already installed the rear box frame stiffener and the change was noticeable.
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