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  • Darrel ·
    Do you go to Cars and coffee in folsom? we got on a good day 8 there, go to Breakfast after , 8:00 AM -10:00
    abadssr ·
    Hello Robert ,not gonna male it Saturday , I know go figure. But I got great news , dictator coming to California next month I getore info . Says he will be here foam 20-27 maybe a meet and greet on 21 which is a Sunday I will post more later
    shiftz33 ·
    It has most certainly grown since the late 1980s. I lived here in the mid 1980s as well and it's at least double the size it was back then (if not more). There were large areas of open land between Sacramento and some of the outer towns, but that's not true any longer.
    SSR 05 RedRider ·
    I noted that you live in Sacramento. I lived in Roseville from 1983 to 1989 and used a 1965 Mustang convert as my daily driver. I use to get parts and service from Sacramento Mustang off Alburn Av, in fact I still order occasionally from their website. At one time I would have planned on retiring in Ca up in the foothills above Roseville but my job relocated me to Europe and Wash DC. Has the area continued to grow?
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