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  • 1957z28 ·
    You have been "selected" by Dictator to help me...
    I ass u me it's because I live close to you... (Sorrento, Fl.)
    I'm having blower issues (Sometimes it works, and when its hot.. she don't)
    Have you run into this?
    I've replaced an aftermarket blower installed with wire nuts, from the last owner, with an OEM blower and harness...
    New blower resister / harness
    Under hood fuse box #45 fuseable link fuse.
    I'm thinking its ground issues or a splice link?

    Your thoughts would be helpful..

    "Dr." Phil
    soren703 ·
    I'm not going to install it until we head for Branson. I did get it out of the box to make sure not issues. I am going to protest it with Road Wrap for the trip. You can definitely install it yourself I have done or helped install about a half dozen.
    SoonerRed ·
    Hey Tom - did you get your chrome spear installed yet? I am looking to order one but only if i can move the bowtie from my current one myself.

    bigblueman ·
    if you want these knobs ill due 80 shipped. i paid 150 plus shipping. i only have these and a set of tail lights left i just want to move on,i don't have a truck anymore...
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