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  • Sebastian21 ·
    Thank you. I am just finishing a 1967 Chev c10. Installed a 1989 350 with 700r overdrive. This will cruise at 75mph all day but more important I can repair it with some bailing wire. George Frazier
    Greg Ducato ·
    Lee, sorry I missed this message somehow. The guy I used in OK is no longer in business and I don't know anyone up there that does that kind of work, sorry.
    spook ·
    Ok Ken I was unaware of that. I've been told by a Camaro guy that torque stayed about the same until 2500 then it rose. I just really like the looks of that thing. I thought I was well ahead of the game on the combo because my LS1 (unlike LS2 injectors) injectors would bolt right up to the Edelbrock fuel rails and 7139 intake, and worse case would be I fab the hold downs. I can get all for about $500 vs the cost of the FAST LSXRT. I just finished copying your idea of the replacement jumper thx you for the post on that. Thx for the input my friend!! Oh one last thing...the FAST LSXRT will fit under the hood and firewall?? V/r, Lee
    Topspin ·
    Happy New Year back at you, Spook!

    I'm not sure about that manifold for your combination in our heavy rides! It gives up a bunch below 5,000 rpm and gains it back @ 6,500 - 7,000. On the smaller engines it tends to be worse. It's designed for stroker combos or forced induction. I'd be looking at the FAST LSXRT or the Holley mid rise for better mid range and decent street manners.

    Take Care,
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