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  • HOT-SSR ·
    Hi Shawn,

    Yes we will be at the North Texas Tech day. I can give it to Mike Moro, please let him know that I will be giving him the RNR to take home. Thanks for your order, you may pay $75 via PayPal using Friend to email address [email protected] or send check to address below. Thanks and You Will Enjoy A Much Quieter Ride!!

    Larry Jones
    208 Timber Line Road
    Georgetown, Texas 78633
    sprooney ·
    Not sure why the message didn’t go with the PM. Yes I would like a RNR. Will you be ar the Teck session this weekend? If you are and ha e an RNR you cold give it to Mike Moro. I spend a couple days a week working with Mike over the winter months that way there aren’t any shipping costs. If you are not at the teck session I can mail you a check. Let me know..

    HOT-SSR ·
    Hello Sprooney,

    Were you wanting an RNR "Road Noise Reducer" seen you sent PM but nothing was in the text. Just RNR in the subject. Just let me know if you need an RNR.

    Larry Jones
    BC Pacific ·
    Hi Shawn I work with Wes Vandusen and bought a 2006 Pacific Blue last year he thought I should drop you a line if I was looking for SSR bling.
    twooldfarmers ·
    morning Shawn, Lois has me involved in a minor kitchen reno of sorts and we are going looking for laminant flooring this morning and I need to also go downtown and get a replacement seat belt retractor for the old Caddy as it failed on the lower portion on the passenger side a few days ago. I have also been running back and forth between the park and a Fed Firearms Licencee that is handling the import of my guns permanently. Being the first Canuck to do this since nine eleven has had its trials for sure but I a call yesterday and it appears it is fully approved for pickup now. It is a good thing that the head of 'imports' at the BATF had my back all the way. I would like to bring Lois up for a visit when we get the trailer back together and you two are at loose ends for a couple of hours. ttyl then
    sprooney ·
    Im surprised I didn't see that one. I go by there quite often but never really noticed it. The price for a 2006 is quite good, depending on the condition of the vehicle. At 43,000 it would have scared me off but not at 29,000.

    KellyO ·
    Hi Shawn
    That SSR was at the lot on Stony Plain rd by the Winterburn overpass, price started at 43,000. 2yrs ago & dropped to 29,900
    Al bought it last week

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