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  • SSRDen ·
    You hit it right on the nose about your color of racing stripes not being overbearing. I think the only other color I could use with the yellow is black. Black is fine, but it contrasts with the yellow so much that your eyes go right to the racing stripes. Your SSR is my favorite of all the ones I've seen. Simply amazing what you have done. I'll be in contact with you again to go over the paint you used for the stripe. I'll be having it done relatively soon if the price is right. Regards, Den
    838stingray ·
    I used ford vapor metallic for my color. Do i like it, yes. Would i do it something else....not sure. That color looks good on the yellow without being over bearing. I used ghe same vapo on my wifes purple R and it pops.
    Scoaster ·
    Hi! (sorry for the long time in responding, I don't go on here much anymore) Are you the guy I talked to, that lives near Halmich Park? Greg-
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