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  • Topspin ·
    Hello Don,

    I'm glad I could provide some useful info for your project. As far as car show info, I'm no help at all! Maybe try Dictator, as they are at shows all the time in Florida. Good Luck, if you enter one!

    SSRs Top Dawg ·
    Well it looks like I posted in the wrong place as I was trying to send it to the Active Topics page. I'll figure this out sooner or later.
    SSRs Top Dawg ·
    Hello Everyone. I'm new to this Forum and have enjoyed the family type atmosphere as I've read through the posts. I've noticed SSR chapters across the country and was wondering if anyone was aware of one in the Virginia area. I see very few SSRs in this area and when I do I'm working and Sweetness is in the garage. Thanks
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