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  • RedHotSSR ·
    T-Dog after hearing from you I remembered that I had 2 2004 Publications that you may be interested in NOW that you have the MOST popular color R.

    I have a 2004 Sales brochure and I have the Salesman training manual used to educate the sales man on ALL they needed to know about the 2004 SSR.

    I purchased these and used them at Car shows to share with those interested in the SSR. Many people had never even seen a SSR.

    The sales book features the Slingshot Yellow on both the front and rear cover and is 37 pages of interesting info.

    The Salesman's 2004 Details Book also features the Slingshot Yellow SSR it is 15 pages and is spiral bound additional info not found in the Sales brochure is in this book.

    I had them listed both for $65. + shipping, I can sell them to you for $55 + FREE SHIPPING if you are interested. I can send you photos to your personal email address, this message would not allow me to post photos to the books.
    tennesseecozydog · ·
    I'm sorry RedHotSSr, right now I don't have 2 nickels to rub together for extra memorabilia items. They sound very nice and wish I could afford them, but will have to pass. Thank you for offering them to me. :banana Split aka tennesseecozydog :yellow:
    tennesseecozydog · ·
    RedHotSSR, do you still have these sales items ??? If so, send me your address and I'll send you a check !!! bob Alexander tennesseecozydog
    ErnieLHC ·
    Does anyone know where you can get 3m clear wrap installed on front of rear fenders and front end of car to protect from rock chips in Lake Havasu City? and about costs?
    Please advise thanks Ernie LHC
    ErnieLHC ·
    Hi this is ErnieLHC my first visit to site have met some great new friends here in Lake Havasu City with SSR's
    and lots of new information on SSR's looking forward to more visits!
    craftybeth ·
    Bob & Jan: Ya'll just made our day! It was so great chatting with you both and it's just always great to see fellow fanatics! Ya'll come anytime! HUGZ!!!! Beth
    90 Fatboy ·
    Greetings Bob & Ms Jan, I was heading from Donelson heading home to Hermitage on Lebanon Pike and noticed a Red Line Red SSR at the BP Service Station, one of the last actual service station. Noticed that it had the hood scoop. Figure you would know who's it is and what might be the trouble? Did you have a chance to ask about the SSR you found in a carport with flat? Or did they not answer the the door?
    Regards, Cecil Elliott 90 FatBoy
    petergaydon ·
    Hi tried to reply rot your post privately but would not let me due to insufficient posts.

    I just put the SSR on Craigs List today at 27,500 as think i probably too greedy at 29,500. No interest from SSRfanatics members.

    I only paid 27,500 for her in Jan 2015 and probably put about 1,500 into it. So even if I get only 25k i got 2 years of a lot of fun for 4,000 bucks. Will keep you posted how it goes on Craigs List and any serious buyers will point them in your direction.

    Best Wishes
    Peter Gaydon
    bobk ·
    Thanks for liking my post. As you may have figured out by now, I don't know much about these vehicles. Helping my sister sell it after her husband passed away. After learning a little more about them, I've posted more info and pictures. Do you have a recommendation for what we should ask? 171,000 miles is correct. My brother-in-law loved his daily ride. I talked to a dealer who said it's one-of-a-kind: He has never heard of an SSR with that many miles and he's sold over 600 of them ;-)

    My email address is [email protected]
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