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  1. Front fascia stiffening bracket for sale

    SSR Parts for Sale/Wanted
    If you still have it, I will buy it. Let me know, you can text me @ (850)748-1335. Thanks Triple L (Les Lassiter)
  2. Silver Maisto Die Cast

    SSR Toys, Memorabilia, & Clothing for sale / trade
    I am interested, if you are going to sell them. Contact me @ [email protected] Thanks, Les
  3. Trade 04 Z06 23k miles for 05-06

    SSRs for Sale
    Thank you
  4. Trade 04 Z06 23k miles for 05-06

    SSRs for Sale
    Have you sold the Vette? You can text me @ (850)748-1335 Les
  5. Anyone know who makes these?

    SSR General Discussion
    The ones QWKSSR make can even be specialized, i.e., such as having your name, as well as your spouse on them. Well worth what he was selling them for when I purchased two years ago. Triple L
  6. Center counsel question

    SSR General Discussion
    Do you mean console, I believe consul is a governmental official.
  7. RIP Jungle Jim, Sun City West, AZ

    In Remembrance
    Sorry to hear of your loss, condolences to you and family. Les Lassiter
  8. New member in Bradenton Florida

    New Member Section
    06 SSR Aqua Blur Ian, I have a 06 Aqua Blur SSR that I will sale for $30,000. It is a automatic transmission with 28,508 miles on it. It has new tires with less than 1,000 miles on them. They were special ordered to OEM tires. the SSR has always been stored out of the weather. I have over...
  9. EBAY Warning <-------

    SSRs for Sale
    Cash, they are in Gulf Shores Alabama. I bought a car for my grandson from them. No problems & would not hesitate to purchase from them. Les
  10. Aftermarket Auto Trans Shift Knob

    SSR Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Do you still have a photo of the one you made for me? I hope you are doing well. TripleL
  11. Water Pump Saga

    SSR Technical Discussion
    I agree Mike
  12. 1:25 scale "Indianapolis 500 Pace Car" Die Cast

    SSR Toys, Memorabilia, & Clothing for sale / trade
    I want the Indianapolis 500 official pace vehicle. Triple L
  13. The Last Aqua Blur SSR - 189

    The Last SSR Colors Made
    Mine is 21606 #32, Triple L
  14. 06 SSR & 03 Ann. Ed. Vette

    SSRs for Sale
    I have a 06 AB, A/T, new Mfg rec. tires w/over $5k in access. & a 03 Anniversary Edition Vette Coupe, 6 sp. manual Tx. The SSR has 28,508 miles & the Vette has 56,608 miles. I want $30K for the R & access. & $20K for the Vette. I Also have a 79 spitfire, with both tops for $7,500. I can be...
  15. Shirts & Tote Bag

    SSR Toys, Memorabilia, & Clothing for sale / trade
    Kenny, Money Order in the mail, thanks, Les