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    Saturday afternoon
  2. Firetruck's Fun Fotos!

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    There is your winner, I'm not even gonna bother. Thanks for ruining it for everybody else Larry......;)
  3. Hello

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    Welcome from N.W Georgia.
  4. Firetruck's Little Trip

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    So glad we were able to make it. Had a great time with great company.
  5. 2019 International Rally Branson Mo

    National Events
    You should be receiving our registration form in the mail in the next couple days. Feel free to add us to the list after that. Mike and Kay
  6. Georgia Breakfast

    I'm up for it Alex. Either day is OK but Kay works Saturday so if it's then I'd go stag not drag....
  7. Happy Birthday TruckingeeSSR

    Birthday Wishes
    Wow , thanks everyone. I have not been non here for a little while so I'm just seeing this.
  8. Hurricane Michael Bearing Down

    I hope you have Spam. It's a hurricane essential. Stay safe...
  9. Tech Seminar with Dicktator

    I'd like a seat there.
  10. Yellowbaby

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    Welcome from up the road in Dallas Georgia.
  11. Help SSR stalled, no electrical system

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    Like I've said before. This group is like bikers only a lot less leather and that's a good thing. Always willing to help and never leave a brother behind.
  12. Engine Died on the Freeway!

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Alright here's the latest. R has randomly started last day or two, more would start than wouldn't. When it wouldn't start it cranks like a beast but no firing. I've also noticed that the ignition has a tendency to stick when it won't start. Local repair shop read a code of driver 5 line 2. This...
  13. Daytona Rally Picture thread

    Finally this link works. Thanks
  14. DAYTONA RALLY April 8-11, 2018

    This was the first rally that Kay and I have attended, but God willing not the last. We had a great time, had a lot of laughs and met a lot of great new friends. We have been to many biker rally's and you can sense the love and the brotherhood at them. This reminded us a lot of those, but with...