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  • Bandycat ·
    Can I possibly get run sheet for:

    2006 Pacific Blue. Vin#. 1GCES14H26B122136. Believe it was #200 Built


    2005 Red/Smokin’ Asphalt. Vin#1GCES14H35B116598. Dropped the drive shaft today and am sick about. Trying to find a way to cheer me up.
    The 2006 is Hubbys

    Bonnie Fero
    OG ·
    Hi UMPIRE13,
    I'm a new owner and a new SSRFanatic member.
    I would like, if available, a build sheet for my black 2004.
    My Vin Number: 1GCES14P64B113066
    Thanks for your consideration,
    (OG) Oren Guseman
    (239) 281-5521
    Rickety ·
    UMPIRE 13, don’t know if you received my request for a build sheet for my 2004. My vin is 1gces14p14b1110904 . Please let me know if you can still provide. Thank you .
    stvrichey ·
    I'm a new member and glad my 2005 SSR and I are part of the gang. I have already learned lots of good tips and help from all the great posts. I have seen that you have given other (many!) members a copy of their build sheets. Are you still doing that? If so could you please post mine? VIN is
    1GCES14H25B115748. Thanks!
    Glassbod ·
    New to this site, have a 2003 Yellow SSR. Seen postings of yours about "Build Sheets", if you still offer would like one, please Email me at [email protected], if costs, etc...thanks. My VIN is 1GCES14P23B102986, thanks in advance..Harout
    Jumpup ·

    I have been a member since January 2016 and the more time I spend on site the more I learn. Such as cluster repair for a 10th of what my GM dealer would charge. Great stuff. I just caught the "build sheet" service you offer. Is this something you continue to do as I see posts prior to 2016?

    shakemyhand ·
    Hi UMPIRE, I'm a new member and have seen where you have helped other members get a build sheet for their SSR's. If you are still able to get these would you mind getting one for mine. Here's my VIN#1GCES14P84B109233. Also, is there a way to find out the record of any and all of the service records done at all of the dealerships that it has been to. Thanks for any help that you can be to me. Mike.
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