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  • DCailin ·
    If you still have your SSR and still insist on selling it I would be very interested in discussing buying it.

    It sounds like a really awesome deal and I am sad to see you getting rid of it. I would have to make arrangements to take some time off work and fly to FL to get it.

    I hope your knee is all healed up. I had my knee scoped in 2001 but 5 months later I fell and broke it so ... well it was all bad.

    Dani Cailin DeBone
    pcw06ssr ·
    Anne: I got in touch with Dick, and will be taking his room. He's bunking with Chuckster. He's going to let me know what his deposit is and I'll send him a check. Thanks for the lead. I can't wait. You have put together a Super event! Looking forward to seeing you again. Do I need to send you a deposit for anything else at this time? If so just let me know. Phil
    05 6Spd Blur ·

    My name is George. My wife and I just bought an SSR and are interested in the Keys Run. We live in Margate. Can iget some info plz?


    George and Kat
    Spoke to my brother and said the we could probably line up on Smathers Beach for a picture. Says there is lots of parking. Just a suggestion.
    Bob = BSTPAPA
    Charles ·
    Hey Ann,
    Just wondering what was the name of that wonderful spray stuff for the running board?
    I can not find any thing like it, and am about to order some things.
    Can you help me out?
    turnheadz ·
    howdy dudette. Hows things way down south? Summer is great up here on the west coast. We went to the beach today :cheers
    jabberwockyssr ·
    afternoon my name is mike , new member here , Mr jgrden says you may have purchased a rear view mirror and harness . hopefully i have the right person , Mr jgrden said this might be for sale ? as it did not have the right accessories , thanks r//mike
    mikeb326 ·
    Hey Anne. You havin a good time baskin in the sun?? Me freezin my a$$ here in Canucsville. Yuck

    Hope all is good.

    I, we were thinkin about the kes run and.....

    I was thinkin maybe it would be cool to do the Keys run again but not so public. As in all the work!! that you did last time. Maybe something more HUSH HUSH and grab a core group to just rule the island and tour,have fun. No stress!! Nothin planned just a time frame +- OCT NOV. Well we got to book somethin. You know. Just easy and fun.

    What ya think?

    Mike and Julie. The new M J . Not

    Just noticed, you got alot of friends. Nice.

    Can you tell I'm drunk?
    waysouth6speed ·
    Thanks Dude... lol! I am actually a dudette! Juan in a Million is my painter. He's awesome. Check out Welcome to
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