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  • MrMike ·
    Yellow bear,

    Did you saw that you lived in the West Phoenix area? If so, did I see you last week on 83rd Ave in Peoria? I saw a bright yellow SSR going the other way and I figure that there couldn't be that many of them in AZ.
    Edschevyssr ·
    Yellowbear, I am trying to get info on any events in the Inland Empire, Ca. I have an 06 SSR and would love to get together with other enthusiasts. Maybe you could help, I see that you are in San Diego, Ca. Thanks, Ed
    yellow bear ·
    Hi Sandi. I do remember meeting you. Yes the parts are getting more and more scarce. Let's see what we can scare up. There is a Spare Parts thread. Do you have the extended warranty?
    Speedway Sandi ·
    Hi Yellow Bear!!
    I met you at the El Cajon car show last year. I have a black '05 SSR.
    When we were talking about our cars, you told me that you and your wife had just come back from Arizona (I think), where your wife just bought a purple one. I am the big, crazy blond. I hope you remember me. You told me to contact you if I had any question or problems about my Baby, or about upgrades, etc. Now I have a problem. The passenger inside door pull does not work. It has been sprung. The outside pull is fine. We took her to Jimmie Johnson's last week, and the rep' quoted a price of $600.00 plus because the parts are hard to get! He told us that because SSR's are out of production, the owners have hoarded parts. Do you know of anywhere or anybody who can help us? I'm a little too old to sit shot gun and bend my arm backwards to open the door from the outside handle.
    Thank you soo very much for your input!
    Speedway Sandi
    yellow bear ·
    we're all soing good ot here, clear and dry for now. the storms have been gentle and a soaking tyoe of rain which is good. Just wanted to heck in with you guys and make sure all is good and you are well. Hugs to you and Jan.
    wingrider ·
    Hi all. we came out OK we live on the East side of town and most of the flooding is to the South and west, there was some flooding near us but all it has done is close a few roads here causing us me to find new ways to get to work.
    Jan volunteers at the animal shelter and she said it was non stop busy today.
    The restaurant that we eat at when you came through is flooded as is the Opryland hotel
    Hope you are doing good.

    yellow bear ·
    Hey ! Replacing right front running and side marker lites on Hawk. both burned out at the same time. Also looking for purple electrical tape. found it at Homo Depot. needed it to secure the purple split tubing for the wire harnesses. also have purple silicone tubing for vac and fluid return lines, which was donated be a shop in Az, bless their hearts ! getting Hawk ready for Penticton. we'll be leaving, probably June 19th or so.
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