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  1. The Road to Branson, Mo.

    Great Lakes
    We are planning to leave North West Indiana on the 12th and would very much like to join-up in St.Louis..... Let us know where and when........
  2. Parts available Notice

    SSR Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I'm looking for a Chrome Alternator. If some has one for sale, please pm me
  3. Tuning Session - 2019 International Rally Branson Mo

    National Events
    Will you put me on the list for a tune -up? I/we have a 04 that has a Magna Charger on it!
  4. Chicago Area Rally Meet ! 2019 ITS ON !

    Great Lakes
    We (Wife and I) are the only members (so far) of the NorthWest Indiana Chapter of SSR "Like Minded Folks". We would be very happy to join in with The City Folks. We can do this ! Chi Town is just 1 hr. away....... So if you post the date, time and location we will be there! We are making...
  5. Maggie Valley 2019 Pictures!

    SSR General Discussion
    more Maggy Valley Pic's [/ATTACH][/ATTACH][/ATTACH][/ATTACH]Here is some of our pic's from Maggy Valley
  6. New owner from indiana

    New Member Section
    Welcome from Crown point,In "SuperChargeYellow" NWI chapter...... Ours is "One Sweet Ride" I'd bet that yours is too...
  7. SSR clubs SW Lower Michigan

    SSR General Discussion
    WE live in N.W. Indiana ( Crown Point )....... and need to find " Like Minded" SSR folks........ A simple invite would work for us. My handle is : SuperChargeYellow and we love to meet other SSR Fanatics..
  8. Maggie Valley 2019

    Great Lakes
    We are leaving Crown Point,In 46307 North West Indiana on Tues Morning for Maggy Valley..... We'll be in our SuperChargeYellow 04 going down I65.......No plans as to where we might stop, just "What Ever" is how we like to travel. This will be our Third time to try to get to Maggy...
  9. Oil Change for my 04

    SSR General Discussion
    Hi SSR's It's time for a oil change and i want to know if anyone else is using "ROYAL PURPLE" oil?
  10. How To: Detail, Paint Correction, General Car Care

    SSR General Discussion
    OK now that I have way too many ways to" Make it Shine", has anyone tried ( F-11 )product? just wondering....
  11. North West Indiana Chapter?

    Great Lakes
    No I Quess we can always just meet up somewhere we can get to ........ we are retired so any sunny summer day or night My "YellowBird" is in storage for the winter and I don't bring HIM out until April or May, weather pending
  12. North West Indiana Chapter?

    Great Lakes
    OK I'll just put this out there.......Crown Point,IN 46307 has there Car Cruise on Thursdays 4~7 pm It's held "On the Square" If you would ,please accept this as an invite. If you want to come early for lunch or stay later for dinner.... there are hundreds of places to meet and eat Paul&...
  13. Help With tune -up

    SSR Performance
    Does anyone know of someone near North West Indiana that can Super tune my 2004 SSR?:yellow:
  14. North West Indiana Chapter?

    Great Lakes
    Thanks BlueStreak. This Chapter that I/We have created for NorthWest Indiana will Not have Dues,or Fees,or regular meetings just like minded folks getting together to talk about there SSR and whatever they want to ...
  15. North West Indiana Chapter?

    Great Lakes
    Well Fellow SSR Fanatics,It seams that there is NO SSR Fanatics chapter in North West Indiana...... So I guess that only leaves one thing to do. I/We ordain there now is a NWI chapter of SSR Fanatics. With your permeation I will be "That Guy. " Now we need a place to meet and eat, and I...
  16. 2004 SSR Fuel Pressure Regular

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Does anyone know how to remove & replace one of these?
  17. Traction Control ON/OFF ?

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Just to clear, are you saying that you can "smoke them tiers" with TC turn off?
  18. 2019 International Rally Branson Mo

    National Events
    Please add "SuperChargeYellow" from Crown Point,IN. Paul & Elaine to the list. We will make plans for it. Thank you
  19. Help with blower!

    General Off Topic
    So sorry's the heater blower I 'm talking about......
  20. Help with blower!

    General Off Topic
    Fanatics Please help me with this issue...... The blower make a terrible noise whenever I turn it on, Also there is a "dead"spot on the speed selecter
1-20 of 88 Results