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    SSR General Discussion
    1GCES14H85B120954 JUNK FLOOD LA 9/2019 State Farm Group Insurance Wait Title ACV: $24,003 USD ERC: $0 Reading between the lines - this SSR was flooded over the seats and over the air cleaner I think the ERC of $0 indicates this SSR is not recoverable at any cost, hence I will place it in...

    SSR General Discussion
    Hi Dave - thanks so much for bringing this one to our attention - definitely heading for the JUNK thread Another fire victim but appears to have emanated from the interior - best guess This is the type of awareness we really need to keep track of our wrecked SSR's - I can find the ones in the...

    SSR General Discussion
    1GCES143B102485 ****As my Site frustrations continue - no colour option, no emogee option, no print size option I have to point out to you this was originally a Redline Red Had I been able to increase the print size slightly, colour it red, add a Redline Red emogee you could have figured this...
  4. Additional Heat Shielding

    Customization and Modifications
    I know I have spent a lot of posts on this. My opinion is we lose too many to fire, and IMO from the left side Whithout question, most of our losses are due to accident, but we lose so many due to fire, and that is what I would like to figure out Dicktater has found our cargo issue Mike in AZ...
  5. Any buyer experiences with direct auto sales?

    SSR General Discussion
    No history with them, but as I follow SSR prices and history I have seen many instances where consignment companies will take anything at any price. If it is underpriced I would hire a bunch of guys covering my ass
  6. The Original 69 WD1 Pilots

    Model Year 2003
    I have updated this thread, but not sure what to do about the SSR emogees - too many to deal with, thanks to our great new changes

    SSR General Discussion
    1GCES14H76B122745 JUNK - AZ 9/19 133.8k miles Copart Stock #43966459 Doc Type: AZ - CERT OF TITLE - SALVAGE Odometer: 137,809 mi (ACTUAL) Highlights:Engine Start Program Primary Damage:FRONT END Secondary Damage:REAR END Est. Retail Value:$14,729 USD

    SSR General Discussion
    1GCES14P84B105103 SALVAGE TITLE - AL 9/19 Only 6k miles - hard to figure a Salvage Title with only a rear fascia required However, hard to imagine what went on in the cargo area - engine bay looks like never been cleaned Copart Stock #47310569 Doc Type: AL - CERT OF TITLE-SALVAGE TITLE...
  9. New Member

    New Member Section
    Hi - welcome I am trying to document all 6sp's I likely have yours as I am less than 600 away, but would you mind shooting me your last 5 just in case? [email protected] Your husband must be pretty special gifting you a 6sp SSR Then again, you must be a pretty special girl! Then, then again -...
  10. Name Your Ssr!

    SSR General Discussion
    I guess for those that don't know me My Kate is named after Katherine Hepburn - a Haughty Red Head
  11. Name Your Ssr!

    SSR General Discussion
    Hey Sweetie What are you and Wayne up to these days? Send me a note - [email protected]

    SSR Toys, Memorabilia, & Clothing for sale / trade
    Hey John 969 Nice to see you active on the forum Still running that wonderful bike?
  13. Name Your Ssr!

    SSR General Discussion
  14. 2006 Aqua Blur Last Year for SALE! $28,850!!!

    SSRs for Sale
    Gateway is a consignment company that takes anything at any price (sorry, that is my opinion) You aren't likely to get far with those guys but I sure wish you luck
  15. SSR's miss air time at auctions

    SSR General Discussion
    Maybe so, but much easier to fit in the Challenger As much as I adore Vettes I knew my Vette days were done as I was crawling out hands and knees. I got away with it at home but not that not exactly cool on the street
  16. The Passing of Crystal (aka CatWoman)

    In Remembrance
    Over the years I have admired pictures of your SSR and pictures of Crystal - what a beautiful woman she was Be proud of the time you spent together - so very sorry you and family will miss her
  17. SSR's miss air time at auctions

    SSR General Discussion
    Nothing new SSR's don't get auction time and if you are 6.4 and couldn't fit into a 69 Camaro you ain't going to fit into a 2019 Camaro either! Mike owns one of 2 MY2003 American LeMans Pace SSR's - but he does not seem to be able to change the auction world attitude I guess we just have to be...

    SSR General Discussion
    1GCES14H85B115236 JUNK - NJ 9/2019 63.7k miles iaa Stock #25943543 Geico Insurance Wait Title ACV: $13,470 USD ERC: $20,602 USD Selling Branch: Orlando (FL) Vehicle Location: Offsite CAT Orlando Boggy Creek Rd 9801 BOGGY CREEK RD ORLANDO, FL, 32824 407-438-7191
  19. Vin # Break Down?

    SSR Technical Discussion
    I also responded in your For Sale thread. As to part 2 of your question, window stickers are great to have and there is a company that duplicates the. However, the RPO information to go on the Window Sheet will be verified in the Build Sheet. Best way to get a Build Sheet now is to go to a GM...
  20. 2006 Aqua Blur Last Year for SALE! $28,850!!!

    SSRs for Sale
    Hi Steve, I received your PM For the most part, all of the above responses are correct. Only the 826 FPR's were built in Calendar Year 2006 and they commenced construction 2.14.2006 Prior to these, the last Regular Production (non FPR) #23286 was built at Christmas shutdown. 12.23.2005 I don't...
1-20 of 194 Results