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  1. New Licensed SSR "Camp" Shirt - Advance Order

    SSR Toys, Memorabilia, & Clothing for sale / trade
    Ordered my XL today too. Thanks Mike for making this available to us. :)
  2. Car show & get together Niagara Falls, Ontario

    Canada & Other Countries
    I am hoping to be able to attend this great event. It's very close to home so there isn't any reason why I shouldn't be able to attend, baring any bad weather that is. 🙏
  3. Finally finished center caps.

    SSR General Discussion
    That is the best reproduction I have seen yet. I think you could have a second hobby and make $$$$ at it too. (y)
  4. Am I the only one ??

    Community Help
    I have now seen the same exact changes on my other Cadillac/ car forums now too. :oops: I will have to continue to try and learn this new format, even if it ends up killing me! I have been on our great site now for over 15 years and I still find myself hating new changes. That being said "WE"...
  5. Battery for 2004 ssr

    SSR General Discussion
    Just a side note: My OEM Delco battery was 9 years old when I decided to replaced it. Yes, it was still good but I thought I would not risk getting caught some where with a dead battery. I replaced it with another OEM GM Delco battery and I use a Battery Tender for every off season storage.
  6. Question on factory SSR coffee cups...

    SSR General Discussion
    They certainly could have come from the LCC factory as a gift handout but I would tend to believe that the UAW Union at LCC would have frowned on the Plant using an obvious China supplier. Perhaps if there is still a LCC past worker on our site they could chime in on this topic. I know that...
  7. Signature Series Badges....knowledge needed

    SSR General Discussion
    Ray, yes the Auxiliary gauges first became available for normal production in May 2004 which was the week that my SSR was being built. I had just went on line to see what might have be new to order and to my surprise I saw that option on the Chevrolet website was just made available for the...
  8. Sponsored Posts

    SSR General Discussion
    We have notified the site's Admin people to see why this is occurring. Hope to hear more about this issue soon. :(
  9. Mpd interest

    SSR General Discussion
    Doug, I had actually talked to Eric awhile ago about possibly purchasing his molded running boards, rear spoiler and front end spoiler. It would be really great if someone was able to pick up the ability to reproduce Eric's great products.
  10. Awesome Chevrolet SS Models

    SSR General Discussion
    Of course I see the SSR on this list. First section the author got some incorrect SSR details. Chevy SS story Awesome Chevrolet SS Models That Are Now Very Affordable Jun 8, 2018 /by Jared Rosenholtz IN Smart Buy  With the SS gone, we remember Chevy's performance cars. Now that the SS...
  11. 1948 Big Brother For Sale

    SSRs for Sale
    Please at least post a picture or two. :D
  12. ssr what is it

    SSR General Discussion
    Dwight is correct... the SSR has to be reregistered as a T-R-U-C-K >:)
  13. Wow...someone paid $50,000 for a non-chrome non FPR yellow truck at Barrett Jackson!

    SSR General Discussion
    Ultra low miles helps... but it is nice to see SSR prices continue to move northward. :D
  14. SSR Artwork

    SSR Toys, Memorabilia, & Clothing for sale / trade
    Pictures showing up nicely. :D
  15. Roof Trouble

    SSR General Discussion
    Dick, How I wish you could come up further North. So I/ we could experience and go to one of your great Tech Day/ Seminars. :(
  16. Silver Maisto Die Cast

    SSR Toys, Memorabilia, & Clothing for sale / trade
    They might be worth 3 to 4 dollars and add cost to ship. Add some photos that would probably help.
  17. Delray Beach classic car show today

    SSR General Discussion
    A very nice ride indeed. Sounds a little bit like my SSR, just under 9,000 miles and documented. ;) Hmmmm did you happen to tell him about our great SSR website?
  18. Rear license plate trim

    SSR General Discussion
    The rear SSR license surround is from a Corvette thus it should be very easy to find any parts that need replacement.
  19. Wind Noise

    SSR Technical Discussion
    This thread was moved to the SSR Technical Discussion Forum
  20. Frosted windshield banner

    SSR General Discussion
    Would someone happen to have a photo looking at an SSR from a further distance away? Just curious... :)
1-20 of 166 Results