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  1. That Ka-thunk! sound.

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Though I would bring back a good post.
  2. Smokin Asphalt paint question

    SSR Technical Discussion
    The direct sun does make it look different ,I wonder if a body shop would ever be able to match-up the color if you had damage?
  3. Keep your tune

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Thanks everyone for reply you guy's are good .
  4. Keep your tune

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Do you lose your tune when your battery goes dead?
  5. Swapped Gears, Speedo Issue

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Does your tuner have tire size adjust? If so just decrees the tire size to around 24in. or 25 in.
  6. Tire decal

    SSR Parts for Sale/Wanted
    RimBlades Try looking up rimblades for your wheels.
  7. Any pictures of a Pac Blue with black rims

    SSR General Discussion
    Dupli color has a black chrome spray can you can clean your chrome wheel with a good cleaner and spray on as many coats until you get it as dark as you want just a thought.
  8. does fuel grade change with performance tune '04

    SSR Technical Discussion
    What I have found out The colder the air going threw your MAF with a tune that is advancing your timeing you will blow the tires off at 25 degree weather if you have a 10 degree timing advance between 2k and 3k with 91 octane , I have done it with a diablo tuner but let the air go up to 50...
  9. Aces IV

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Has anyone ever tried Aces IV fuel additive, I have read a few good thing's about it and just was wondering if anyone has tried it or heard anything of it.
  10. SSR makes it to another "WORST" list ...

    SSR in the News
    Don't ever forget this Most of what you hear is fake new's anymore they will say anything for a buck.
  11. Dicktator/Open Heart Surgery

    Get well soon We need our God father back but take your time.
  12. 2003 SSR Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2017

    SSRs for Sale
    It could be around 19 to $20,000.
  13. 04 Parts for Sale

    SSR Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I would like the black one shipped to 73130 or the silver or blue.
  14. 2005&06 Air Box

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Thank You for all the info. will you send me a price what you need for airbox PM ?
  15. 2005&06 Air Box

    SSR Technical Discussion
    I was hoping someone might know the P/N for the foam that is used for the airbox to keep out the hot air in the engine compartment?
  16. Smoke then tires

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Im sure you had it tuned But I would add 10 degress spark at 1k and add 8 degress at 4k and then hang on.
  17. 2004 Wiper Blade insert replacement

    SSR Technical Discussion
    JC whitney has the G M Delco replacement inserts that came with blades from the factory just bought some last week.
  18. That Ka-thunk! sound.

    SSR Technical Discussion
    It will just happen every now and then, like the door is lose, but be sure and clean with a degreaser before put the velcro tape on like he said. I have 40,000 ml now.
  19. That Ka-thunk! sound.

    SSR Technical Discussion
    That is a great fix I did what you said to do and it made a big difference, thank you so much.
  20. Met Daddy Dave from Street Outlaws photo my SSR

    SSR General Discussion
    It's going to be great all the big boy's are going to have new car's this will be show to watch and see how thing's plan out.
1-20 of 63 Results