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  1. Houston Coastal Brunch Dec 7 2019 11am

    DeLaine and I will be out of town and unable to make it. Brian
  2. Introducing the newest member to our family

    SSR General Discussion
    Wow. Love that color combination. Did I hear right... Six speed?
  3. HUAW's 6 Speed!

    SSR General Discussion
    Hope you live in hilly country... enjoy that "gurgle and pop", and try not to do too much downshifting. ;) I love it! Brian
  4. Twisted Sister Run - SEP 6-8 2019

    Love the Texas Hill Country... Count us in. Brian & DeLaine
  5. Houston Coastal Area Crab Boil

    Liz and Lester sure know how to throw a party! :party Another great one for the books. :ssr Brian
  6. New Owner

    New Member Section
    Welcome from Southeast Tx. :00000732: Two nice looking rides you have there! You got questions... this site has answers. :ssr Brian
  7. Houston Coastal Area Crab Boil

    Count us in! :ssr Brian
  8. Windshields OEM vs FUYAO

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Bummer! Mine got a bad crack on the Ogden trip and I was looking forward to an easy install of an OEM copy. It would be interesting to see the two aftermarket windshields compared to see if the Fuyao mates up better to the window frame. FYI... While in Ogden, I did stop by Safelite and they gave...
  9. Mpd interest

    SSR General Discussion
    Would love a hood and ground effects pieces. :ssr Brian
  10. Houston Coastal Area Luncheon May 18th

    Great restaurant pick, but we will pass on this one. We may not be back from our trip in time. :ssr Brian
  11. South Texas Tech-Day - Winnie II

    It's a steakhouse too. Their menu: :ssr Brian
  12. South Texas Tech-Day - Winnie II

    Attendee definition: "a person who is present at a specific time or place" I believe "you" count! :grin2: Excited for you to "attend". :ssr Brian
  13. Condolences for the Moro family

    In Remembrance
    Mike, Sorry to hear of the loss to you and your family. May God bless you with peace and comfort. :ssr Brian
  14. 150th Golden Spike Anniversary and SSR’s

    National Events
    The wife and I would like to share an order of: Prime Rib and Fried Shrimp (Medium/Well). Rope, thanks for all your efforts. :ssr Brian
  15. South Texas Tech-Day - Winnie II

    You'd think we would get some Louisiana SSR's just from smelling the "crawfish"! :grin2: :ssr Brian
  16. South Texas Tech-Day - Winnie II

    Dave, put in the coordinants for Lester's home (29.849342,-94.400874), which is only a mile or two from the hotel. This is the route I would take... straight down from Tulsa. Slower, but some nice scenic driving... and no Dallas or Houston traffic! :ssr Brian
  17. South Texas Tech-Day - Winnie II

    :wink2: Yep.
  18. Houston Coastal Area Brunch

    We plan on being there. :ssr Brian
  19. Houston Coastal Area Brunch & Activities Planning

    We'll be there. :ssr Brian
  20. Keep the weather good Texas

    SSR General Discussion
    You should stop by "Dinerman's" diner in Coppell on the way down... or the trip back home. Merry Christmas and have a good trip. :ssr Brian
1-20 of 493 Results