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  1. ABS Light

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Had ABS light come on in my 2005.Also T/C light, service brakes soon Gear shift indicator said I was in low gear.Replaced ignition switch.Removed ECBM module and sent to Dicktator for repair. Still same problem. Local chevy dealer found TCM to be the cause. All problems solved.
  2. Big thanks to the Dicktator!

    SSR General Discussion
    Very helpful person. Have called him numerous times with problems. He is never to busy to help and give advice. Always with a little humor.
  3. The Dictator

    SSR General Discussion
    Had a few contacts with Dictator with some problems. Always came thru for me.
  4. Ken Thurm #3205

    SSRs for Sale
    I right clicked the picture and them clicked on -open link in new window. It works for me.
  5. Ssr shirt

    SSR Toys, Memorabilia, & Clothing for sale / trade
    Where can I get a tee shirt like you posted?????
  6. Florida Snowbirds

    Great Lakes
    Staying in the Villages. Feb, March and April. This is our 9th year .
  7. "The Callaway SSRs"

    SSR General Discussion
    Contacted Callaway yesterday about a SSR build. Got reply today stating they no longer offer a SSR build.
  8. Personalized License Plates REGISTER

    SSR General Discussion
    Changed mine from RSSR to COOL.SSR.
  9. Snowbirds 2016/2017

    Great Lakes
    Staying in THE VILLAGES. Feb thru April.
  10. Winter Storage

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Store mine with the top up.Put Bounce sheets in the cab.Battery tender connected in the back under the lid.Over inflate the tires to 40 lbs. Add sta-bil to a full tank of gas.Cover it in the garage from Jan. to the begining of May.Starts right up. Never had any problems.Been doing that for the...
  11. Low Mileage 2005 Red Chevrolet SSR Six Speed For Sale

    SSRs for Sale
    What town in CT. ????
  12. Pinmap Available

    SSR General Discussion
    REAL NAME-Gerry Mutuski HANDLE- Gerry1940 CITY-Norwalk STATE-CT, ZIP-06851 PHONE-203-956-7510 [email protected]
  13. Why have "How to Library"???

    SSR General Discussion
    Keep up the good work Dick.I find the library very useful.
  14. SSR Travel

    SSR General Discussion
    I didn,t know the SSR pin map was up and running????
  15. UPDATE on Gary Petterson/all good.

    Glad to hear that you are doing well Gary.
  16. Usmc

    General Off Topic
    Semper Fi.There are no ex-Marines!!
  17. LTs Dad RIP

    In Remembrance
    So sorry for the loss of your dad.
  18. Engine Chrome Kits

    SSR General Discussion
    Try Florida Stainless Accessories.Owned by Gary Peterson.Large selection of parts.
  19. What Did You Do With Your SSR Today?

    SSR General Discussion
    Went for a ride today.Beautiful weather around 58 Degrees.That won't last much longer. Enjoy it while you can.
  20. Vet's When did you serve?

    General Off Topic
1-20 of 79 Results