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  1. Traveling Fanatic's Emergency Parts

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Radiator support and new 20in Goodyear tire in San Jose, CA
  2. Post Your 2020 TOTAL Mileage!

    SSRfanatic Polls
    34,876 = another fun year with many out of state ventures.
  3. What Did You Do With Your SSR Today?

    SSR General Discussion
    He would have to leave his easy chair first so it's safe.
  4. What's Ya Think of This?

    SSR General Discussion
    I like it. If you have a good high res version of the logo you could send me I would love to use it for my shirts and I can make a back window sticker too.
  5. What Did You Do With Your SSR Today?

    SSR General Discussion
    Took it to work today and then took my wife out to dinner with friends. First time she has been in it since I upgraded the headlights. She overwhelmingly approved.
  6. 14th Annual SSRs at the Peach City Beach Cruise June 25 - 28 2020

    Pacific Northwest
    Glad the California team is represented. We are not going to make this year due to someone convincing me to go to work for them.
  7. Stainless Steel & Acrylic SSR Wall Plaques

    SSR Toys, Memorabilia, & Clothing for sale / trade
    Might help if you gave the dimensions of them.
  8. Yes or No

    SSR General Discussion
    Aw Hell No!!!
  9. Taking my truck to the office

    SSR General Discussion
    She told me that too!
  10. Taking my truck to the office

    SSR General Discussion
    I'm sure they think a little nuts but I have that as my ringtone.
  11. 2005 LS2 Supercharged - 6.0 SSR – (with over $15k in upgrades) Priced to Move at Only $23,995

    SSRs for Sale
    Somebody is getting a heck of a deal. You have done several upgrades since listed and yet the price has gone down. I would grab it in a heartbeat if I had the room.
  12. Taking my truck to the office

    SSR General Discussion
    I got a taste of the future when I took 17 months off between jobs. Logged over 20k on the R during that time. SSR = Super Satisfying Retirement.
  13. Taking my truck to the office

    SSR General Discussion
    Thanks! I can focus on the work 'cuz that's what pays for the toys. So just in case I ask myself why I am doing this...
  14. Taking my truck to the office

    SSR General Discussion
    I got a new job last month and since I don't get to spend as much time in the truck as I used to, my lovely wife got me a pretty good reminder for my office wall. It was so big they stretched it across two canvases. Total size combined is 2.5ft tall by 6ft. wide! Great picture from our first...
  15. drivers side mirror

    SSR Parts for Sale/Wanted
    IF you are planning to spend the money, upgrade to the Muth signal mirrors from Mike for only $195.
  16. Rims for sale

    SSR Parts for Sale/Wanted
    You are in the right area on the forum. Things that would help you would be to say if they are satin or chrome, what the price is and where you are located since it costs a lot to ship these things. Pictures are VERY helpful as well. Go ahead and post them.
  17. drivers side mirror

    SSR Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Yes it can. The GM part # is 12455610. You can probably get it on eBay for about $15 or maybe one of your local Fanatics has spare glass from an upgrade they did to signal mirrors.
  18. Spare Tire Kit Install

    SSR General Discussion
    No lift needed. Probably easier without one. I have helped @Hollister SSR do 3 of them. He is 20 years my senior and to be honest, he did most of the work. Then again, he is kind of a badass. :cool:
  19. Colgan Bra Fitment Advice

    SSR General Discussion
    @richsadams I see that you don't need my pictures since the spot to hook your loop doesn't exist on your truck. Mine fits about the same as yours. A little off on the side markers no matter what I do. I have run about 15k miles with it on with no issues even though it feels like it is just...
  20. Ohio International Rally? Interest Poll

    SSRfanatic Polls
    Hard to say. Lots of cool things to see but anything beyond a 2,000 mile drive is tough. 4-5 days driving each way makes it unlikely for most west coast residents.
1-20 of 493 Results