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  1. Well it happen again!

    General Off Topic
    Miracles happen every day ! Happy anniversary to you Eric, and to the gracious and long suffering Marg.
  2. Morning time...

    General Off Topic
    A big AMEN! to that one!
  3. What a mess.

    General Off Topic
    Feel for ya buddy. It didn't get out of the 60's here in Ontario today
  4. The tailgate still opens. . .

    SSR General Discussion
    The side ones did. Heather's got some really bad bruising from the seat belt. Maybe a cracked rib and mild concussion. Her mom's doing better, she's a tough old bird.
  5. The tailgate still opens. . .

    SSR General Discussion
    The wife decided to have some surprise body work done on the Blackfly. . . Pray for her mom, in ICU. The truck is deceased.:nopity
  6. Decided to change engines in the R.

    General Off Topic
    Can you imagine: you hit the starter in your laneway, the engine catches . . . and the R rolls over your neighbors house ?!?
  7. Happy Birthday CRICKETMAN

    Birthday Wishes
    Hey Jimmy ! Did you have another birthday? Keep them coming man! :cheers - Heather and Floyd
  8. Get Well Meg In Carolina

    General Off Topic
    You really sick Meg ? No joke? Get well soon
  9. Tag Bracket

    SSR Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I've been running my Suzuki Vitara for about 4 years with out a front plate, after it got ripped off in the woods. I get the occasional double take from the roving constabulary, but no one has pulled me over yet.
  10. New Teacher

    General Off Topic
    No. No it would be completely different. Sorry.
  11. Funny Panhandlers

    General Off Topic
    Just another day on the commute home!
  12. Remote Keyless Entry System Fix

    SSR Technical Discussion
    You can clean it with a pencil eraser if you don't have contact cleaner. Rub it over the contact areas on the circuit board too. Wipe the crud off the eraser with a cloth (your blue jeans work pretty good) as it gets dirty.
  13. Dicktators whereabouts!

    Sorry we missed you Dick. But we know a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. We're just happy you got some rest and recovery up north. See ya soon anyway.
  14. 2013 nationals

    National Events
    Got here last evening. What a beautiful drive down! The steaktips at the Oxhead is delicious! It's fun watching the SSR's roll into the parking lot!
  15. Weekend Live - June 14 (Flag Day Edition)

    General Off Topic
    Spent 1/2 the day detailing the R to be ready for Kawartha Street Rod Association's 'Street Scene cruise - in' at the Peterborough Zoo. We should be hosting 350 - 400 custom cars and trucks. I'll be parking cars and slicing onions all day. Life is good !
  16. Banquets for rally.. Please choose asap

    National Events
    Hey Bill. Floyd b and wife Heather would both like the chicken for Monday
  17. The Word Association Game

    General Off Topic
    blues brothers Yeah, I know where this will go
  18. The Word Association Game

    General Off Topic
    Baby moons
  19. The Word Association Game

    General Off Topic
  20. Laps at Lime Rock for the 2013 Nationals !

    National Events
    I guess I can't drive all that way with out doing some hot laps!! Sign me up too, pls.
1-20 of 162 Results