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  1. Any interest in SWFL members once/month meeting for Coffee or Breakfast?

    FoxySSR, thanks for replying. Waiting for a couple more to reply before planning anything. I'll keep everyone posted.
  2. Any interest in SWFL members once/month meeting for Coffee or Breakfast?

    Just wondering if any SSR owners in SWFL (Charolette, Lee and Collier counties) would like to get together once a month for coffee or breakfast? I live in Estero and am seeing more SSR's all the time. Thought it might be nice to get together and swap stories, compare notes and etc. I can meet...
  3. Ssr show saturday june 15th

    Had a great time with 19 other SSR owners at Muscle Car City in Punta Gorda today!! Always good to meet, discuss and tell tales of our adventures! SSRGEEZER
  4. Ssr show saturday june 15th

    I'll do my best to be there. Muscle Car City is a neat place! I routinely go there each month for their car show (3rd Saturday from 9-1). SSRGEEZER
  5. '05 SSR Electrical Issue

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Having an electrical problem with my 05 SSR. Won't start. Lights come on but when I turn the ignition to start all I get is a series of clicks from the starter and all the instruments go out/dark. If I do it several times the radio clock rests to 12:00 and I can hear the CD player cycling. Just...
  6. Linear Actuators for Cargo Cover

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Thanks for all the comments and advice. Yes, I DO close the cover and tailgate in the proper order (cover first, then tailgate). Every so often I'll put a light coating of WD40 on the strut rods (both cover and hood struts) and that seems to help slightly. I don't spray directly on the rods but...
  7. Linear Actuators for Cargo Cover

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Mike (Simple Engineering) was correct. I DID buy a set of replacement struts from Gary (Florida Stainless) in October 2017. They work great when opening but are a real pain to close (so much so, my wife can't close the lid by herself and she's no weakling). Also appreciate the input/advice from...
  8. Linear Actuators for Cargo Cover

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Wondering if anyone has replaced the gas shocks on the rear cargo cover with linear actuators. Tired of muscling the cover closed and curious to know if this this been done and what was involved. TIA SSRGEEZER
  9. October 2018 ROTM Entries

    Carl Ham – Estero, Florida. 2005 Aqua Blur Metallic Color (only 1,288 of this color for 2005). Owned for 3 years with 30,000 miles on the clock. Too many modifications to list, most thanks to Simple Engineering and Dicktator's fantastic job of documenting all I ever needed to know. Attended the...
  10. Florida SSR Fanatics

    Is anyone planning a rally in Florida for 2019? Wife and I attended the Daytona Rally in April and had a good time. Hope someone will continue this tradition. SSRGEEZER Estero, FL 2005 Aqua Blur
  11. 2018 Route 66 Mother Road Festival

    Great Lakes
    Went to this 2 years ago and TCD (tenneseecozydog) did a fantastic job of organizing everything, really enjoyed the time with new/fellow SSR owners. Sadly, we moved from IL to FL last year and a 1,400 mile drive to attend is not in the cards for us this year. If you haven't been to this event...
  12. Elkhart Lake, WI

    New Member Section
    dags, Welcome! I see you found the forum and registered. Congrats on your purchase, glad I could help (even though it was from Florida). From the looks of the posts here there are many "Fanatics" around you. Take advantage of the wealth of information here and ENJOY YOUR NEW RIDE!! SSRGEEZER...
  13. Daytona Rally Picture thread

    Last group I have SSRGEEZER
  14. Daytona Rally Picture thread

    More pics. SSR GEEZER
  15. Daytona Rally Picture thread

    Here's some random pictures I took on Monday evening (car show at 1 Daytona shops). SSRGEEZER
  16. Daytona Rally Car Show

    We'll be there!
  17. Daytona Rally Car Show

    Please add SSRGEEZER and wife. Sounds like a good time!
  18. Anyone in Punta Gorda Florida

    I live in Estero, FL. Is there some way I can help? SSRGEEZER
  19. Daytona Tech Seminar April 9th

    Please sign SSRGEEZER up for the tech seminar, I'm looking forward to it!!
  20. DAYTONA RALLY April 8-11, 2018

    Not sure if I mentioned before, but my wife and I are planning to attend. I haven't gotten a call back from the hotel yet (they booked my room and said they'd call in a couple weeks for a credit card to hold the reservation, that's been over a month and a half ago). Should I be worried...
1-20 of 52 Results