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  1. 03-04 Chevy SSR Fuel Filter on Ebay

    SSR Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Are you selling it, or is it just an add you found ?
  2. Not Worth the Aggravation

    Customization and Modifications
    Maybe install a fill extension, like on the Traiblazer .
  3. Roasted and toasted R’s

    SSR General Discussion
    Does this count ? ..
  4. New SSR Road Trip

    SSR General Discussion
    A spare tire ??? With your slender build, you better start eating more fast food and ice cream before the trip..:laugh: On a serious note, find an auto parts store or motorcycle shop and pick up a quart or two of Motul 600 brake fluid, then hit dollar store for a few turkey basters. The clutch...
  5. Showing My SSR

    New Member Section
    Depending on the categories and size of the show, the SSR could fit in MY breakdown of truck, mini truck, (like SuperChevy Shows consider it to be), late model convertible, or "special interest". We've shown in both mini truck stock (SuperChevy Maple Grove) and special interest on local shows...
  6. Fix or not

    SSRs for Sale
    If someone already had a fender and bumper in their garage, and could do the work themselves, and was looking for daily driver, as roger said, $6500-$7000 might be ok. No way to fix it "right" and make money by flipping it, IMHO.
  7. Puddle of Fuel

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Did it smell like gasoline ? It might be a leaky injector..but my thought is that it was oil, only because the gas is not sprayed into the air chamber of the intake only the runners. Oil is common in the intake because of the stock PCV system. Also if the truck had a K & N filter, oil residue...
  8. Always Wanted One - 2003 Redline - Michigan

    New Member Section
    Welcome from northwest N.J. Great to have a new member that knows what it took to get the " R " to my garage. { My wife and I owned # 1337 }
  9. what a day!! Brakes locked up..

    SSR General Discussion
    It must get brake dust in it. :tongue
  10. Dead Battery

    SSR General Discussion
    This is a 6 year old thread. But maybe someone would have interest.
  11. Dead Battery

    SSR General Discussion
    AC Delco
  12. Chevy Truck Legends

    SSR General Discussion
    Can you post pics of all the months ? I don't want to open mine. :nerd: I guess buying 8 new Chevy trucks over the last 18 years, did not qualify me for a hat. Sorry, just had to let that one out. I would like to thank GM for this offer though. They did not have to give anything.
  13. Chevy Truck Legends

    SSR General Discussion
    I guess the early bird gets the hat.
  14. Chevy Truck Legends

    SSR General Discussion
    Should demand that the boxed be reprinted with the SSR logo.
  15. Chevy Truck Legends

    SSR General Discussion
    I don't think so. I registered my '85 K20 because at the time, taxis were not eligible. :pokey: Maybe GM ran out of hats, after they allowed another potential 24,136 SSR's to be included. There were no decals either, just a calendar.
  16. Chevy Truck Legends

    SSR General Discussion
    Yesterday I received a 2018 calendar. Nothing else in the box. Has anyone else get only a calendar ?
  17. Need some help... I'm 0-2, SSR won't start

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Turn key to run position, step on brake pedal. When you step on the brake pedal with key on, you should have brake lights and hear the shift interlock solenoid click in the center console below shifter. If it does not click, and/or you do not have brake lights, it may be the brake light switch...
  18. Need some help... I'm 0-2, SSR won't start

    SSR Technical Discussion
    You say check engine light is on. Was it on the last time you had it running ? It is normal for it to be on if the key is in run position, but not running.
  19. Need some help... I'm 0-2, SSR won't start

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Assuming you checked the grounds at frame by battery. Next would be try turning key on, and move shift lever from park thru the gears and back, while holding the key in start position. ( make sure you have your foot on the brake pedal. If that does not trigger the starter to turn, then it may be...
  20. air bag sensor

    SSR Technical Discussion
    check here.. Dane is parting an '05. Probably has them on that truck.
1-20 of 470 Results