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    SSR General Discussion
    Hi Dick Great idea, be interesting to see the final opinions.
  2. Sad SSR

    SSR General Discussion
    Out of curiosity I just did a search on Facebook Marketplace for Chevy SSR. Several for sale at different mileage and prices This has to be the saddest! Poor SSR.:cry::eek:
  3. Another SSR "review"

    SSR General Discussion
    Another waste of everyone's life! Written by someone who obviously knows nothing about an SSR, repeating same opinions and incorrect detail. Who cares! I (we) happily drive on. Click to read Another SSR Review
  4. Hurricane Dorian threat

    SSR General Discussion
    Just rain bands and mild winds here in Kissimmee. Thankfully Florida escaped the full force of Dorian and trust everyone everywhere is ok. This storm has been on the news since around August 24 th?
  5. Years go by!

    SSR General Discussion
    Thanks for the memories, I helped with organizing some parts of the Rally's but the original concept was the idea of Mike in Orlando. Look how they have grown from humble beginnings. Here are links to a couple of videos. Chevy SSR Old Town Cruise Orlando SSR Rally 2011
  6. Years go by!

    SSR General Discussion
    Bought our 2004 SSR in August 2005. Untitled demo. Never tire of driving and hard to think it is 15 years old. Cruising along at 75mph and just goes up to 90 real easy to pass on the highway, eating up the miles. Anyone buying one recently really benefits from all the knowledge on this forum...
  7. Sad News, Passing of Life Time Member, George M. Varall, aka Beach Potato

    In Remembrance
    Sad to hear of his passing, met him a couple of times. Thoughts to his family.
  8. Roof hydraulics

    SSR General Discussion
    It is a good idea to change the lift support struts at the same time. Makes access a little easier. Big thanks to the Florida gang for changing mine. Contact Simple Engineering for the lift supports.
  9. Headlight bulb swap---Worth the hassle?

    SSR Technical Discussion
    I changed my low beams and the Sylvania are much brighter than the originals which in my opinion are not that good. Did not remove wheel just turn the steering to gain access. Easy job
  10. Change Day

    SSR General Discussion
    Thanks for the reminder and tip.
  11. Nerf Bars

    Customization and Modifications
    I put nerf bars on my 2004 SSR many years ago. I had always liked them. I have them front and back. Here are pictures of front
  12. Deck lid hinges

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Mike is correct. My 2004 struts stopped working and were "fixed" under warranty. New struts and one hinge which was the modified one. These failed just the same. This came to light when replacing the struts with Mike's improved one. With Mike's help I was able to match the hinges and install...
  13. 2005 BLACK AND COPPER For Sale

    SSRs for Sale
    Looks to be a reflection in the shiny paint?
  14. Oil Pressure Sensor

    SSR Technical Discussion
    I bought a switch and the socket, after finding the switch and unplugging the connector gave up trying to do anything else. Took to my friendly mechanic who charged me $35. Money well spent and yes I had bruised and cut fingers. Then had to change stepper motors as that was the problem.
  15. How to rewire power outlets to key power easily

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Great idea! Putting that on my to do list, thanks for the info. GM makes their outlets live all the time, our 59 Impala and HHR are like that. Our Toyota Celica and my daughters VW are all key operated. Turn off and remove key outlets have no power. Probably most cars are that way? I guess GM...
  16. Need Help!/South Florida on Wed March 6

    Would like to help and be a "helping hand" but unfortunately have commitments that I cannot change. A great Fanatic support group for the family.
  17. Dictators How to Library

    SSR General Discussion
    Have youever wondered how much information is in this? I decided to print it all to make an "old school" workshop reference manual,approximately 1700 pages printed on one side. Fills four 500 page three ring binders. Thanks to Dick and other contributors for all the step by step information.
  18. Fluid flush

    SSR Technical Discussion
    As my SSR is now 15 years old I thought is is overdue for a fluid change. Never had any problems but should have done this a long time ago! Installed tune up kit from Simple Engineering, thermostat etc and top and bottom radiator hoses. In my experience the hose clamps are very difficult to...
  19. new member ( central FL ) 1/28/19

    New Member Section
    Welcome to the world of Fanatics From Kissimmee, Florida.
  20. Stepper motors

    SSR Technical Discussion
    Just replaced my stepper motors, definitely not a tech day job! Ever wondered what the inside looks like? Here are pictures.
1-20 of 387 Results