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  1. Proud new SSR owner and new to forum

    SSR General Discussion
    Welcome to the SSR Fanatics! In the words of my retired Lutheran minister uncle "It should be a sin to love a car this much!" Sherry & Russ Bonney Lake, Washington
  2. Spring Launch April SSR 2018 Season

    Pacific Northwest
    Thank you again to Hal and Toni for putting together a fabulous Spring Launch! Weather was great and so was the company! (Oh! And Hal, that crazy thing I was telling you about on the first weekend in October in Port Townsend, check out photos found at:
  3. Spring Launch April SSR 2018 Season

    Pacific Northwest
    Weather looks good, I have someone else to work my shift, and Yellowbird has been idle too long! My hubby Russ and I hope to meet you all at the Kitsap Bank parking lot this coming Wednesday. We have been out of the picture for far too long! ~~Sherry
  4. I Hate this NEW FORMAT!!! :(

    Test Forum
    I haven't been on for almost a year now! Never learned how to get around here very well before but I did go back and choose the Classic today. I think I like it better. Our kids and grandkids have been popping out new family additions making it harder to keep track of all of them! I have an...
  5. PORT ORCHARD "CRUZ" TIME 2014 August 10th

    Pacific Northwest
    :yellow: Russ and I won't make the "Cruz" as we have other commitments. Friday is my 75th birthday and we are having a blast of a party on Saturday with a 5 piece live band. If we can still roll out in the morning on Sunday we are committed to a church picnic. Seems like there's always...
  6. Port orchard cruz>>time pacnw fanatics!!

    Pacific Northwest
    Darn! No rooms left at Comfort Inn!
  7. NW SSRs LUNCH to Celebrate the End of Winter Hibernation !!!!

    Pacific Northwest
    May 10th at Duke's in Kent Yellowbird is in! Sherry & Russ will be there! Woo Hoo! Time to dig out from all the cold rain and welcome spring and cruising!:yellow:
  8. Griot's Garage, this spring 2011

    Pacific Northwest
    Griot's get together & tour to Jerry's Russ and I have been out of the SSR loop due to health issues but want to join the group at Griot's and have a little fun. We've named our yellow SSR "Yellowbird" so add us to the list! :yellow:
  9. photo's of Griot's Garage tech session and weekend touring - May 30/31 '09

    Pacific Northwest
    Yellowbird Thanks, Terry, for the nice welcome! Russ and I really enjoyed our first outing with the fanatics. We were fortunate to get a nice photo of your car with Mt. Rainier in the picture, too! ~~Sherry
  10. June 13 Mt. Rainier/BBQ @ Gino & Rose's

    Pacific Northwest
    Yellowbird, SSR 2004 Russ & Sherry will be returning from a camping/fishing trip on Saturday AM, but we'd love to join the gang for Gino & Rose's BBQ! Will miss the morning run though, darn it! Can we bring anything?
1-10 of 10 Results