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  1. Tennessee Winners

    SSRFanatic News
    Thanks to the Tennessee Deligation for your representing The Volunteer State, safe travels to y'all and our other SRR Brothers and Sisters. Looks like a great group gathering.
  2. Lets see some pics now!

    SSRFanatic News
  3. Lets see some pics now!

    SSRFanatic News
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos with each of us. Look forward to hopefully travel to Brushy Mountain Prison in East Tennessee month month, November.
  4. 05/06 Black Engine Insert

    SSR Parts for Sale/Wanted
    XSELER8 I sent a PM to you earlier. Send me an invoice and I’ll proceed.
  5. 2019 Member Names = Real Names

    SSR General Discussion
    Thank you for your maintenance of this post. 90 Fatboy is Cecil Elliott
  6. Additional Heat Shielding

    Customization and Modifications
    Major thanks for your procedure through photos. Heat is definitely crazy with our SSRERS.
  7. SSR Tailgate aluminum sill plate for sale

    SSR Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Mike, I'm interested, but would like to get an idea of cost and shipping to Hermitage TN, pleas Sir. If text works (615)533-0829 Thank you, Cecil Elliott
  8. Puddle lights

    Customization and Modifications
    Robert major nice job, hoping to see soon. Cecil
  9. Personalized License Plates REGISTER

    SSR General Discussion
    This Forum helped to decide on my Tennesse Personal Tag, SMKNSSR. Cecil
  10. Wanted Hard Saddle Bags

    SSR Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Meg, I am interested in your mounting hardware, when I got my hard cases they did not have the bed rail or the mounting brackets. Let me know (text me 615-533-0829) the cost plus shipping to 37076, Hermitage Tennessee please. Thanks, Cecil
  11. Bucket List

    Congrats SSRFather, my grandfather had a 1967 Grand Prix convertible. January 2019 Hemmings Classic Cars page 86, I found out that was the only year that Pontiac offered a convertible for the Grand Prix. You really have found a beauty, Congratulations, Sir Cecil E
  12. 06 FPR on Ebay $18000

    SSRs for Sale
    Just an observation, the VIN# 3GNEK13T23G166653, does not seem correct. Should the last five digits start with 23 as example 23111? I have enjoy reading many of Cash's explainations regarding VIN Number. Cecil
  13. First Car

    New Member Section
    Welcome Bruce from Music City USA, Nashville Tennessee. Welcome to the Best Motoring Group. Many knowledgable folks that will you keep your SSR in top shape. Tennesse has a large number of Fanatics. Let us all know about your SSR, year, VIN, most importantly color. Welcome to Fanatics, Cecil
  14. Battery Tender

    SSR General Discussion
    Good investment for your SSR, like Moscooter, I did the same thing with connecting at the front Red electrical box. As a safety measure I ran the quick connect lead through an additional wire insulator to add protection of any metal rubbing through the actual wire lead insulation. Secure the...
  15. New Owner

    New Member Section
    Welcome Martin from Music City USA, Nashville TN. I have a good friend that lives in Weaverville, NC. This group is wonderfully supporting to one another. Cecil Elliott
  16. Hello from the Fatherland

    New Member Section
    Spargeltarzen Welcome from Music City USA, Nashville Tennessee. SSR Fanatics Forum is made up of the best group to help keep you SSR in good operating order. Please look in “The Forum” subsection “Library”1st “Articles.” Dicktator has a lot of information with step by step repair steps. There is...
  17. Dublin Ireland meet & great

    Canada & Other Countries
    Thanks for sharing your visit and wonderful SSR Photos. All my visit to Ireland have been very enjoyable and simply the best folks. I know that I’ll get a right & proper pour of Guinness. Betting you get a lot looks of bewilderment while cruising. I’ll contact prior to our next trip to The...
  18. Top 25 worst cars

    SSR General Discussion
    Loved it at first site. Desikk, I like you I first saw the SSR during the NFL SuperBowl Chevy Commercial. I was hook line and sinker. Sold my 1976 Cadillac Eldorado"Firethone Red Exterior" with 47,000 miles and saved for my 2005, 6 spd RedLine Red (a must color for Tennesseans) purchased in...
  19. Jack

    SSR General Discussion
    As mentioned with other replies I purchased a Trailblazer Jack with the folding lug wrench in GM Storage case on ebay for less than $30, but also have AAA. The Trailblazer Jack is a scissor type if that helps.
  20. Hello from Wisconsin

    New Member Section
    Welcome from Music City USA, Nashville Tennessee. This group is made up of some truly good folk, plus always a member willing to help with problems or issues you might be having. Enjoy the PermaGrin.
1-20 of 90 Results