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Ricochet Silver
The Usual with the 6.0 liter V8 and the 4-speed automatic
I bought this SSR in September 2017 from a dealership in Denver. It had one prior owner and a very complete Carfax report from the day it was purchased. The prior owner did a great job of taking care of it. Original 37,000 miles.

One unusual feature is that he put "ribs" on the tailgate similar to those on the Chevy Nomad station wagon of the 1950's. The ribs are sliver-ish and made of plastic. They did a good job putting them on and my wife likes them so, although I am not crazy about changing the original look of the SSR as it was intended, I plan to leave these ribs on.

He also put a clear plastic "bra" on the front end that has saved it from a ton of chips and damage over the years.
2005 Chevrolet SSR (Ricochet Silver)


Put in a K&N air filter vs. the old dry paper one in it. Also installed the parts in Mike Moro's cooling system tune-up kit.

I installed Mike Moro's radiator fan upgrade on April 3, 2019 at about 45,500 miles. According to the Carfax report on my used SSR, the OEM fan was installed after 20,000 miles. It seemed to work fine but as with many of these vehicles, the engine temperature would go up to 235 degrees in heavy traffic. Though there isn't much heavy traffic around here, I was not comfortable with such a temperature variation. The difference in quality between the SE upgrade and the OEM fan is huge.

I painted the black plastic engine shroud cherry red. It looks really good against the silver and black. Cosmetic, of course, but so what!
Not much to do. I mounted some pouches onto the clips near the knees on the console to store little things. Also, a larger pouch in the hand brake area.

The interior is great as it is. I admire people who can put in a lot of lights and stuff but for me, less is better.
The prior owner had a blue and silver foil pinstripe put on the outside that was flaking away. I removed most of this but along some lengths the pinstriper seems to have scored the paint. It is not too noticeable but fixing this is something I will leave to a professional when I save the bucks to have someone to do it who knows more than me. I also will get them to take care of some of the road rash.

Because of the rough gravel roads around here in Cheyenne, I installed black plastic mud flaps that were made for the Trailblazer but could be cut a bit to fit the SSR. They look good and save much rock damage.

Soon after I bought it, I went through the list of structural and engineering improvements recommended on the forum. Thus, I have as of November 2019 installed the SE radiator support and air dam, the SE crossmember, the SE front fascia supports, the SE under engine aluminum plate frame stiffener and the SE anti-lock brake heat shield. I also installed the SE transmission shifter repair kit.

The ignition switch module was acting up so in November 2019, I had the SE upgraded ignition switch module installed. Also, the battery was original from 2006 and it was very weak so I had it replaced with a NAPA battery.
I think the radio and CD player are great and plan to do nothing to them.
Wheel and Tire
The prior owner replaced the tires with OEM Goodyear Eagles. The current set is just now six years old and have good tread on them. Based on my driving habits, I imagine these will be finished in two years or do. I plan to replace them with Continentals when the time comes.



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