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Nardo Grey
Purchased a new yellow 6 speed SSR in 2006 that threw a rod in the first 1500 miles and after dealer rebuilt it the engine caught fire 1,000 miles later. After much dickering with GM they refunded my full purchase price plus taxes Loved the truck though and thought about buying another ever since. Pulled the trigger on February 2, 2017 and bought a low mileage 2006 6 speed with just over 8,000 miles. Being an old hot rodder I spent the next 11 months with the help and support of Ai Design, a great local shop, making her my own. Named her Nadine, a tribute to Chuck Berry ("Nadine, is that you?") who passed away recently.
2006 Chevrolet SSR (Nardo Grey)


Calloway TV2300 supercharger and accessories
Stainless Works headers and true dual exhaust
Dash front, door inserts, seats centers, steering wheel, shift
boot, and center console redone in alcantara
Dash top and doors covered in leather
Gauge faces redone in white with red needles
All internal lights changed to blue with blue foot well light
Body color interior parts except piece under windshield
painted black
Custom clutch, brake and accelerator pedals
Hidden fuel pump cut off switch for added security
Tire pressure monitor installed in cigarette ash tray
Remote Escort Max CI Radar/Laser
Nardo grey paint (Audi RS7 color)
Air brushing by Jenn D'Erasmo
Lightly smoked side and rear light covers
Removal of all badges except rear tailgate bow tie painted
Front brass colored bow tie replaced by chrome bow tie
Running board painted to match
Running board inserts removed and painted with bed liner
LED lights all around and light bars added behind grille
Ceramic coating applied to paint for protection
Alpine 957 multimedia including bluetooth, navagation and
integrated back up camera
Dynaudio System 242 Hybrid speaker system
4-channel Class D full range amplifier
Dynamat speaker surrounds
Wheel and Tire
HRE 943RL 6 bolt wheels, polished lip with dark clear coat
centers and caps, fronts 20x8.5 et32, rears 20x10 et14
Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06 all season tires,
245/45R20 fronts, 295/40R20 rears



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