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1/2 ton DP Series
Restoration was started in 2010, with the goal of returning this project to as near factory delivered as possible, and reasonable. I bought it from an estate. The previous owner had started restoration around 1990. He made some progress on it until becoming ill and passing about 1995. It sat untouched in his shop until late 2008, when I bought it. It's now being reassembled. The stock and original engine and transmission the truck left the factory with have been rebuilt. All the suspension and brakes have been refurbished or replaced with reproduction parts. The frame was cleaned and repainted. All the body has been stripped, repaired as needed, primed and painted by a body shop. The bed is being replaced with a Mar-K reproduction kit as will the bed boards. The interior was completely disassembled, stripped, cleaned and re-painted to as close as possible a hammertone brown, as it would have originally have been. All gauges were rebuilt, or replaced and tested. The seats have been refurbished and upholstered with the correct color and type material. A year correct option for 15" artillery wheels with bias ply black wall tires will be used. All the electrical wiring has all been replaced, as will all glass and replaced gaskets.
1946 Chevrolet 1/2 ton DP Series (Red)



2003 SSR redline red, "Tupperware" bedliner
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Wow, nice work. I am partial to old trucks. I updated a1950 GMC, kind of a restoration/street rod. Lots of work. But when I bought my SSR my wife said I couldn't have 2 toys so I sold it:(