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  1. SSR General Discussion
    Hello all. New to the thread here and new owner of a 05 SSR (48k miles). Wondering if anyone has experienced an ABS and brake dash warning. It seems to happen when I drive the vehicle for a few miles, shut it down and turn it back one. That second fire up seems to trigger the lights. I let the...
  2. SSR Technical Discussion
    Pictures inside the SSR Tailgate of the third brake light and cable routing. The access panel inside of the tailgate must be removed to get at this and tailgate Release Latch. Below are three internal pictures of the 3d Brake Light and routing inside of the tailgate. The wire exits thru the...
  3. SSR Technical Discussion
    We started having trouble with the brake lights about 2 years ago. After following the answers on the forum we did send in the ABCM for a rebuild and that solved it for a while. Then she overheated and the light come back on. this time after the rebuild we added the heat shield that the group...
1-3 of 3 Results