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  1. SSR Technical Discussion
    2 weeks ago, I bought my 06 Aqua Blur from Chris at the Hundai dealer in Houston. Only 16500 miles, and in awesome condition! It came with only 1 key and key fob. I went to Pop A Lock to get a new one. They were able to get the fob, but could not program it! My SSR has an after market...
  2. SSR General Discussion
    Just received my 2005 SSR last night, only one key and does not have a key fob with it. Curious to know if it was standard or not. I have a local Chevy dealer near by I guess I could have them run the VIN. Thanks Tony
  3. National Events
    Is anyone bringing the device to program key fobs. We only received one when we bought, so I ordered another and thought I would bring it along to the rally. If not I will just go to my local key shop and have them do them. I know they both have to be done at the same time.
1-3 of 3 Results