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  1. SSR Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Hello fellow Fanatics! I drilled a deer in my SSR the other day… body shop and myself have been able to locate all parts needed for repair, except the front grill spear. ( goes headlight to headlight)…. Any luck that someone would have one on here? Or at least know where to send me? I’ve been...
  2. SSR Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Hello there.. I am a new here :) i am looking for side door steps - Running Boards for my SSR 03 please.. Anyone can help?
  3. New Member Section
    Hello fellow SSR enthusiasts. Unfortunately, I'm on here to share news that my dad's 2003 yellow SSR has been wrecked (I hit a car that ran a red light). Because the parts are so scarce the insurance company is declaring the vehicle a total loss. I'm grieving because my father died 15 years ago...
  4. SSR General Discussion
    Hi all, in the market for a replacement instrument cluster for my 2005 SSR. Not having much luck on eBay, the only thing I could find is repair services. The LEDs are functioning, but there's a short somewhere. Essentially sometimes the LEDs come on when I start the car, sometimes they don't...
  5. SSR Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Hello! We have a customer who has a a flimsy door handle & we've already gone about using the repair kit (customer was not satisfied) Wondering if any of the community members have some knowhow on how to obtain this part? It has been discontinued and so our dealer connections have gone out the...
1-5 of 5 Results