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  1. SSR General Discussion
    Hey yall. im back from my original post from a few months back. Link here:SSR Pewter limited edition 340/500 FOR SALE!!!! Ive finally had to time to get around to listing this fine baby on ebay. so for those of you who know its value and collectability, can have the chance to own 340/500...
  2. SSR General Discussion
    Looking to buy an SSR finally! Found one near me in silver with 78,000 miles. Very clean and I checked everything I’ve seen you guys say to check and it all looks good. Price would be 19,621 including tax title and tags. You guys think this is an okay deal? Thanks a lot!!!
  3. SSR General Discussion
    I was invited through Make-A-Wish to tour the SSR plant in Lansing Michigan back in 2005 and I received one of these glass plaques as a gesture. Does anyone have one of these? I do not own a SSR and would like to rehome it with someone to grow their collection. Not sure how much it is worth but...
  4. Picking this up tomorrow!!!

    Wife and I went to see a 1939 Chevy Business Coupe, but seller also had this SSR. Ended up with this one instead!
  5. SSR Toys, Memorabilia, & Clothing for sale / trade
    Have a black and tan 1:6 scale New Bright Chevrolet SSR that belongs to my daughter. She played with it a half dozen times and then it went in storage in her closet. It's in near new condition (little scuff on the hood and a small corner of the door stickers on each door is raised a little)...
  6. SSRs for Sale
    For sale is my beloved, garage-kept 2006 Chevy SSR. The paint is two-tone Smokin' Asphalt over Ricochet Silver. 24817 Miles. Video Walkaround with Startup and Convertible Operation available by PM request. More pictures also available. Located in Colleyville, TX (willing to ship at buyer's...
1-6 of 6 Results