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For those that really want to know how you have been screwed.

When you bought your automobile from the dealer, the salesman said that they would take care of the paperwork for you so you won't have to do it. What they don't tell you is that the DMV requires them, to send the Certificate of Manufacture to the DMV and which is the true ownership Certificate, then they convert your Automobile into a Motor vehicle, and under their law, it is now a commercial vehicle.

Basically, they have been coercing you to register your private property (car, truck, trailer, etc.) which grants them an unearned ownership interest in your property, and which also, in this case, requires you to mischaracterize your private conveyance as a "Motor Vehicle" in the process. Misidentifying your car or truck as a Motor Vehicle subjects it to the Motor Vehicle Code and admits on the Public Record that you are using your private car to engage in Commerce.

Commerce is business between two or more incorporated businesses.

Are you an incorporated business? Are you using your car to conduct business for a corporation? Probably not, so far as you know, but unknown to you, they have also "conferred" a Federal Municipal CITIZENSHIP on you, and used that as an excuse to bring you under their coercive control as a PERSON presumed to be using a "Motor Vehicle" in "interstate commerce".

... (The Motor Vehicle Act classifies) drivers of automobiles into two classes, one professional chauffeurs, and requiring them to obtain a license, and pay an annual license fee of $2.00, the other embracing all others, who are not required to secure a license or pay a license fee, is sound classification, and not arbitrary, so as to constitute special legislation. - Ex Parte Stork, 167 Cal 294. The Supreme Court of California Feb 24, 1914 - footnote inparamateria. Further confirmed in Beamon v. DMV (1960), 180. App.2d 200,4 Cal. Rpter396.

Automobile vs. Motor Vehicle: What's the Difference?

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While the two terms are often interchanged, generally, an automobile is something a free man privately drives, and a motor vehicle is considered a commercial vehicle to which the state can more easily attach regulations.

The term ‘motor vehicle’ is different and broader than the word ‘automobile". - [City of Dayton vs. DeBrosse, 23 NE.2d 647, 650; 62 Ohio App. 232]

t is a jury question whether ... an automobile ... is a motor vehicle[.]United States v Johnson, 718 F.2d 1317, 1324 (5th Cir. 1983).

Thus self-driven vehicles are classified according to the use to which they are put rather than according to the means by which they are propelled - Ex Parte Hoffert, 148 NW 20

The word ‘automobile’ connotes a pleasure vehicle designed for the transportation of persons on highways. - American Mutual Liability Ins. Co., vs. Chaput, 60 A.2d 118, 120; 95 NH 200

A motor vehicle or automobile for hire is a motor vehicle, other than an automobile stage, used for the transportation of persons for which remuneration is received. - [International Motor Transit Co. vs. Seattle, 251 P. 120, 122]

(6) Motor Vehicle. - The term "motor vehicle" means every description of carriage or other contrivance propelled or drawn by mechanical power and used for commercial purposes on the highways in the transportation of passengers, or passengers and property. -18 USC Part 1 Chapter 2 section 31 definitions

Used for commercial purposes" means the carriage of persons or property for any fee, rate, charge or other consideration, or directly or indirectly in connection with any business, or other undertaking intended for profit. - 18 USC Part 1 Chapter 2 section 31 definitions

The word 'operator' shall not include any person who solely transports his own property and who transports no persons or property for hire or compensation. - Statutes at Large California Chapter 412 p.83

A soldier's personal automobile is part of his ‘household goods. - U.S. v Bomar C.A.5(Tex.), 8 F.3d 226, 235. 19A Words and Phrases - Permanent Edition (West) pocket part 94.

The Motor Vehicle Act is not unconstitutional as making an arbitrary and unwarranted classification, in that it requires professional chauffeurs, or drivers of motor vehicles for hire, to pay an annual license but exempts all others operators of such vehicles from tax and regulation. - [In the Matter of Application of Stork (1914), 167 Cal, 294,295]
Time to move out of California like I did in 1972 and never looked back.
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Time to move out of California like I did in 1972 and never looked back.


After my California Departure about 20 years ago and becoming established here in Arizona . . . the most impressive memory was the ease of transferring the registration of my Chevrolet Silverado K-10. A simple transaction vs the annual "All Day, No Lunch Included Fiasco" to which I had grown accustomed . . . Not to mention the extremely lower price.

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