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As in another post:

Well, I'm in the same boat. Pulled in to the parking lot yesterday, put it in park, foot on the brake, raised the top, turned the engine off, truck rolls backwards. Go to restart it and see it's in R but the gear shifter is in park. No, it would't release to let me reshift it. Also tried the disconnect the battery trick

Call for a tow and say I have an SSR & need a flatbed, lady says no we can send out a standard. Tell her if I'm standing around waiting for the flatbed because the standard can't tow the SSR I'll be more pis$$ed that what I already am.

So it's at the stealer and I have a 4 door Cavalier oh yeah, I'm styling now!

Got my baby back last night, 2 days gone.

Here is the results as by the Mech:

10057 manual shift lever was not installed correctly, checked for gear shift won't shift, is in rev. & won't start, checked shifter operation, shift lever was in park but range indicator was showing reverse & engine would not crank, released shift cable from shift control lever & shifter trans. Manually to neutral, started engine & shifted to drive, raised vehicle & found shift lever had come off of shift shaft, necessary to file damaged edges off of shift shaft to allow lever to be installed,applied thread loc to nut & installed, attempted to atart engine, still did not crank, attempted to adjust range selector cable per documentation #871514, removed console cover & carpet to gain access to pictured adjuster, could not find this assy., adjusted cable using adjuster at trans lever, rechecked, started normally, reassembled removed parts.

Might be something to have the mechs check the next time yours is up on a lift.
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