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Kudos to Marty...

Hey Morty, Its Smokin Steve, thanks for the update.

Everyone, this guy knows what he is talking about because he hears it directly from the floor in Lansing Michigan.

Keep the info. commin Morty. I wish there was a way to thank you. If you send your email out maybe someone will send gifts for the info. ;-)

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Re: all or midyear

No idea, but its been a rumor for quite some time... and now a car with the 6.0 and the Bravada AWD system actually exists.

As for production info... its obvious we have been behind, but things are just starting to get moving. We are only doing around 20 cars a day right now... the final goal is to have 70 a day moving out.

The Bodyshop and Paint lines have been filled for a few weeks now. General Assembly should get their fill very soon. Their body bank is full of you guys' cars!!!

It also looks like around 30? got shipped over the weekend. All Black and Red??

geunther said:
Again, thanks for the information. Don't want to put you in bad spot, but does that include all 04s or is that something that will come later in the production year.

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Patience is a virtue.

My co-worker gave up his #1 spot to me.
He anticipated a 6.0 and manual tranny in the
near future. Looks like he opened somebody's
mail. But NOW we have a possibility of AWD!!!
THAT will make it the real dream machine.

I'm okay with that--knowing I'm getting the
first one in the area.

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Bumping for Morty's posts
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