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Hi everyone,
I have been enjoying my new black '04 and finding out a ton of stuff on this great forum. Many thanks for that. The lumbar control on the driver seat doesn't work. I wondered if anyone has had to fix there switch. I think it could be a expenive part to buy. Maybe a wireing diagram or some input. I could live with this item not working except that mine must be in the outboard position and my back doesn't seem to like it much. I thought maybe if I could get to the right wires I might be able to get the lumbar to retrack in a little...
As before all the best,
John Gallo

Took the truck to get it inspected today.. When the MV guy was in the truck to check the brakes...he had a big smile on his face. of course the truck passed inspection an I told him yup! you looked great behind the wheel... when I left he was still smiling, what can I say!
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