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04 SSR 260 miles $ 29,995

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I saw this today at a dealership in Easton Pa. Ultra Violet / 1SB running boards , 260 miles, untitled leftover for $ 29,995.00 It is at Deichman-Walker Chevrolet. It's sitting next to an 05 Auqa Blur for $ 44, 995 I think they took off $ 4000 on this one , It's an auto. running boards, chrome wheels, no aux gauges. The 04 is an awesome deal if you know of anyone. Chris Bellis aka. Devastator Cell # 610-390-8301 :thumbs
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got a red base one in michigan i can sell cheap a black cheap one with boards or the red one here in missouri and i ship from cali to vermont .....keep it in mind

1 - 1 of 11 Posts