I’ve really enjoyed tinkering with this 05 auto. 51K miles. The engine is completely untouched, with only servicing of fluids, upgraded cooling (Mike’s) and coolant tank upgrade (Dragon) for the sheer look of it. This R has the factory auxiliary gauge package. Here is a quick list:
1. Upper and lower adjustable control arms.
2. Aluminum diff cover with Amsoil fluids.
Eibach lowering springs front and rear.
3.Adjustable lowering shocks up front and ground force rear shocks.
4. Aftermarket ground effects.
one off blacked out reflector headlights.
5. LED conversion throughout.
6. Red dash cluster.
7. Every possible brace has been installed.
8. Transmission cable upgrade.
9. ABS cooling shield.
10. New tint all around.
11. Pioneer wireless Bluetooth, with rear camera and wired apple car play. All integrated with factory Bose system and steering wheel controls.
12. Clear reverse light conversion.
13, New trunk struts.
14. New floor mats/ bed mat.
15. Tow hitch.
16. Leather bra.
17. Factory indoor car cover.
18. 2 sets of wings/spoilers. NASCAR type currently installed.
let’s see, what else….oh yes…

19. One off billet wheels. 20x9 and 22x11.5 with good 245 40 20 and 285 35 22 hankook tires in good condition.
20. Baer Racing top of the line brake kit.
21. Stainless braided front brake lines.
22. Under hood billet SSR insignia.
23. OEM windbreaker.
24. 5” stainless tips on OEM exhaust system.
I’m sure I’m missing some things. I’ll update this post as I recall.

Everything works. I took it up to Lake Stevens today. Never even got past 210 in stop and go
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traffic idling with the AC on in 92 degree heat.
Here’s the best part: The truck comes with all the (good) OEM parts. Wheels/tires, factory side skirts and steps, brakes, and anything else that wasn’t just cheap stamped GM stuff…like the factory control arms. I threw those things away. The wing is RTVd on, so there’s no drill holes. If you wanted, you can bring it all back to factory. I also have a full 4:56 gear set uninstalled and will be included for the full price.
I would say this is not a show car, but more of a very nice driver. Drives smooth and gentle. The paint is maybe an 8.5. The most imperfect part is pictured above the passenger exhaust tip. Happened before I bought it. The front bumper os flawless, since I had the license plate holes filled and repainted when I was doing the headlights. Nothing is cut.
Open to offers, and am not in a rush.
This is my third R. I’m sure it won’t be my last. 🙂