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05 ssr not hot like 04's

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:party :party :party :party i've had it for over a month. drove it to st louis and back. it never ran hot temp stayed at around 200 or less. also i've never driven an 03 or 04 but when i step in this thing it's lik wwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooaaaaaaaaa. i can't believe people would want a vette more than an ssr. the ride is very smooth not bumpy like you would have in a vette. i think people are just scared to love a car. but also to the guys buying the 04's ya better thing twice. there are too too many upgrades on the 05 that makes it a lot better car.... ooooppppppsssssss did i say car well i guess when i'm in those curves i forget my baby's a truck.
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Running hot

The running hot problem is not on the freeway at speed. The problem is idling in traffic, and isn't really a problem i don't think.
well it's not hot when sitting either.
ABLURRR-05 said:
i can't believe people would want a vette more than an ssr. the ride is very smooth not bumpy like you would have in a vette. i think people are just scared to love a car.
Speaking as an owner of two Corvettes and an '05 SSR -- I think the ride in the SSR is great, but you need to go for a few more rides in late model Vettes if you really feel this way.

I didn't buy the SSR for comfort -- and it's a lot more crowded than the Corvettes. Particularly in the console, and between my left elbow and the door panel.

I sort of bought it for performance, but either of my Vettes could easily spank it in a straight line. Hard to overcome that 1000+ pound weight disadvantage. Cornering is pretty good but the Vettes still easily dominate. Don't even mention braking.

The SSR does have storage space in the back, but it's not accessible while on the road, so either Corvette is a better road car for me -- and I do at least one 5K+ trip a year (next year it looks like I might do two long jaunts) so that's important to me.

I really bought it because it is so incredibly cool. It's way cooler than my Z06 or my wife's 50th Anniversary convertible Vette. I love driving it around town and I love the looks it gets everywhere I go. I still look at it all the time myself. What a knockout!

My SSR isn't a Vette. It isn't supposed to be a Vette. And I like it that way.

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I've only been driving my 05 SSR 6-spped for a few days and I absolutely love it, but I'm not sure I would give up my 03 Corvette Conv for it?

I do plan to keep both, but when it comes to handling, performance, features, Corvette rules!!!!
I keep hearing about running hot and I dont have the problem. I live in Northern California and ran it this summer in 100 deg weather several times with out a problem. Have you guys had them checked? However the Purple ones are so COOL they must run cooler. HA!!:cool :cool
I have both an 2000 C5 and a 2005 SSR. The C5 is a far more refined vehicle and I really miss the HUD on the SSR. But the top and the cool factor make the SSR truly unique. I am surprised by the SSR engine temp but I expect these temperatures in today's vehicles. Put a low temp thermostat in the Corvette but I suspect the computer controls the bottom line and the thermostat doesn't do much. The SSR runs cooler with the A/C on and keeps the temperature gauge pretty steady - which again is probably how it is suppose to work.
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