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Yes...Look for a line behind You of others wanting too buy it? Make sure everything that you can see is Operational, Tire wear, Oil levels..condition of the Bed liner. Doors open and shut easily? Key Fobs operational? Glass in good condition? Seats operational including heat? The Mileage isnt that bad, I dont believe. Seen lots higher.

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Things to check.

1. Is the vehicle still for sale?
2. How long have you had it?
3. What is the mileage on the vehicle?
4. The exterior color is----
5. How many previous owners?
6. Is it a non smokers car?
7. Does it have a good CarFax report?
8. No accidents, floods, body damage?
9. Everything works good and it runs good with no apparent problems?
10. Was it serviced properly?
11. Good tires?
12. Steers good, doesn't pull?
13. Good brakes?
14. Any extended warranty?
15. No rips or tears in interior?
16. No paint scratches or dents or nicks or chips?
17. Top goes up and down good?
18. Air conditioning, lights, wipers, all work good?
19. No apparent problems with the car, engine, transmission, rear-end, etc.?
20. Does it have a clear title?
21. Kelly Blue Book lists cars as, FAIR< GOOD<VERY GOOD< and EXCELLENT. Which category best describes this vehicle?
22. Does the CarFax have a buy back guarantee if it is not as advertized?
23. Is an extended warranty available?

What is your very best price for a quick, no trade-in, no hassle deal?

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Looking at a 2005 SSR with the 6.0. It red with black interior. Any thing I need to look for? 57k on the miles

Verify the roof opens and closes properly. Ask for service records. Ask about unreported repairs not filed by insurance claims.

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DocHouse, Welcome from Forney Texas!!! you are on the BEST FORUM ever! BUT-----Go to "Tools" in the red banner, click on "User CP" go to "Your Profile" then click "Edit Your Details". Then whenever you "post" it will show in the left column under your name, like the rest of us, and we will know where you are and hopefully what you are driving. Then if you have a problem, someone close by might be able to help out.

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