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hpdjv said:
I got my 04 SSR just over a week ago and I have the Bose with the 6 disc changer in the dash. My auto volume works and has a dramatic volume change from sitting at a stoplight to moving even at 40mph. It's cold here near Chicago so no top down driving yet but it seems to be set up well tom compensate for the road noise when the top will be down. My 2000 C5 had a different type of adjustment with levels to select as well as our 03 Suburban (low, med, high) where the SSR has just on or off. I hate to say it but the numbered selection system in our Excursion and our Cobra provide 5 different speed compensating volume settings which is much nicer than just off & on. The good thing is I have no door rattles (yet) and the bass response is very good, especially the deep low frequencies, almost as good as having a seperate sub. Possibly I just happened to get lucky with not having the rattle problem.
I have just the single disc radio but my auto volume has high, meduim and low adjustments.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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